Standup Comedian Rajasekhar Complete Telugu show at Rangabhoomi spaces

Hyderabad’s popular stand-up comedians Rajasekhar Mamidanna, is all set for his show a complete Telugu Comedy show in Hyderabad on March 18 which will be for one and a half hour duration.

Rajasekhar, who has more than two lakh subscribers on YouTube, is loved for his raw Telugu-ness in his English sets. He is adored for his clean comedy.

The upcoming Telugu standup show at Rangabhoomi spaces on Friday would be a generic set and not a theme-based one. You can book the tickets on BookMyShow.

“People here are not exposed to Telugu stand-ups as much as they are to English and Hindi sets. The city needs to encourage the open-mic culture to pool in the talent so that we can compete with other metropolitan cities.” Rajasekhar added.

Hyderabad needs to have more places to host events other than Gachibowli, Banjara Hills, and Jubilee hills in order to reach out to the middle-class audience as well, he observes.

However, Rajashekhar believes that there is an upward curve in the city regarding stand-up shows, post lockdown. “Currently, we are on the right track. Quite a few standup sets are going to be held in the city this week,” he says, adding that he is making sure to do Telugu sets at least once a month.

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