SRSP Flood Flow Canal Complete Details!

SRSP Flood Flow Canal
SRSP Flood Flow Canal

SRSP Flood Flow Canal also called Sriram Sagar Flood Flow Canal is a 130 km long

gravity canal. The canal spreads across Sriram Sagar Project, Sangam Village,

Nizamabad District to Mid Manair Dam, Manwada Village, Karimnagar District, Telangana.

History of SRSP flood flow canal

SRSP Canal was initiated as part of Sriram Sagar stage II which was laid by former Prime Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao in 1991. The canal provides surplus water every year. The surplus water from Sriram Sagar Project can be taken into Mid Manair Dam to utilize another 25 tmcft. Moreover, the water can also be used to fill the Lower Manair Dam at Karimnagar City.

By July 2010, the construction of the canal was completed. And, it was opened in Aug 2010 after a couple of trials. At present, the canal water is used to fill Lower Manair Dam as Mid Manair is under construction.

The canal’s maximum capacity is to discharge 22000 cusecs water. It means it can carry 50 tmcft of water into Mid Manair (26 tmcft) and Lower Manair (24 tmcft) reservoirs in just 25 days at its full canal capacity (i.e. 2 tmcft per day).

But, only if the water level is above 1070 feet, the flood canal is used. So, it is clear that the flood canal is not used in most of the years as the water inflows into the Sriram Sagar reservoir are not adequate to build up the level to 1070 ft. 

Alternatively, Yellampalli Lift Canal from Yellampalli Project is under construction. Using this, the water will be lifted into Flood Flow Canal at Gangadhara to feed Mid Manair Dam.

The re-engineering of the dysfunctional canal can reverse the flow direction by raising its bank levels and installing low head high flow concrete volute pumps at existing major aqueducts. 

During monsoon months, Godavari flood waters from the Pranahita Chevella lift can be stored in the 110 tmcft gross storage capacity of Sriram Sagar reservoir for use during the dry months. 

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 The stored water from the Sriram Sagar reservoir can be released back into Kakatiya Canal by gravity in the command area of SRSP. Along with this, the water is also released into Pranahita Chevella projects when adequate water is not available in the lower Godavari basin during dry seasons. 

Moreover, with the water supplied by the Pranahita Chevella project, the SRSP flood canal can be used for supplying water by gravity for irrigating nearly 300,000 acres on both sides of the canal.

In the future, the canal can be remodeled into a single lift (96 MWC) envisaged from the Myadaram tank to the SRSP flood flow canal should be split into two lifts (76 + 20 MWC) via the Kakatiya canal. 

The remodeling is similar to modifications carried out to reverse the water flow of the ancient Grand canal under the Eastern Route project of the South to North Water Transfer in China. Let us look at the list of districts and villages where the water from the SRSP flood flow canal is supplied to. 


The SRSP flood flow canal water is supplied to Sriram Sagar Project (Sangam) – Baswapoor – Vempalle – Gandlapet (intersects Peddavagu River) in the Nizamabad district.


The SRSP flood flow canal water is supplied to Dammannapeta – Nagapur – Errapur – Bandlalingapur – Vittempet –  Metlachittapur – Kathlapur – Thakkallapalle – Rangapur – Rampur – Nookapalle – Muthyampeta in the Nizamabad district. 


The SRSP flood flow canal water is supplied to Burgupalle – Fakeerpet – Garsekurthi – Mulavagu (Vardavelli) in the Nizamabad district. 

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