Sri Komaram Bheem Project, Pranhita River, Adilabad – Complete Details

The Sri Komaram Bheem Project is a Reservoir that has been built over the Peddavagu River which is a tributary of the Pranhita River. It is located in Ada village, Asifabad Mandal, Adilabad District, Telangana.

Sri Komaram Bheem Project, Pranhita River, Adilabad
Sri Komaram Bheem Project, Pranhita River, Adilabad

The project was named after Komaram Bheem who died in 1940. Bheem was a tribal leader who fought against the Asaf Jahi Dynasty for the independence of Hyderabad State. Komaram Bheem bravely fought against the Nizam government. He took up arms against Nizam Nawab’s forces and armies and fought Babi Jhari until his last breath.

This Project was proposed to supply water to Asifabad, Wankidi, Kagaznagar, and Sirpur mandals with more than 45,000 in acres. But currently, the project is providing irrigation water to about 20,000 acres under the left canal 35 km and the right canal will provide irrigation water to about another 25000 acres.

In the Komaram Bheem reservoir, you can witness the reservoir blue water which is located some 7 km from Asifabad town in Komaram Bheem district. The travelers mainly take a halt there to take in the beauty of the lake and the hillocks to calm their minds and ease their journey with the beautiful view of the reservoir.

But there is no place to sit or relax so that’s why travelers generally stay for a few minutes are restart their journey. For the best view, the visitors can go near the water near Ada village.

The government Replicating the Kadem Reservoir model, similarly, the Telangana Tourism department has cottages and operates boats. They have developed this area as a tourist spot, as a large area between Asifabad and Jainoor surrounded by different hillocks, hill streams, and valleys.

The Jodeghat valley is best for trekking on the hills and they are not very high, also the forests are thick. Kerala State’s Munnar model of adventure tourism also can be implemented here as it will involve the locals too.

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