Some Rare and Unknown Facts about Bhuma Mounika Reddy

AS we have reported previously About Manchu Manoj Bhuma Mounika Reddy and their marriage rumors. Whether they were true or not is still a bit of confusion. As we know, Manchu Manoj previously married Pranathi in 2015, but unfortunately, they got separated due to some unknown reasons, and after that Manoj’s personal life got disturbed and he underwent depression. Since then he took a break from the movie and recently came back and started working on his upcoming movie ‘Aham Brahmasmi, but the movie got put on hold.

Some Rare Interesting facts about Manchu Manoj Fiance Bhuma Mounika Reddy
Some Rare Interesting facts about Manchu Manoj Fiance Bhuma Mounika Reddy

Recently the actor was seen with Mounika Reddy and Manoj performed Pooja along with Mounika Reddy at Vinayaka mandapam, according to the reports which went viral. With this, the rumors are been spreading that they are going to get married soon. Manoj is very friendly with the media, so one of them asked a question, are you going to marry Mounika Reddy? And Manoj replied, I will answer you on a better day, meanwhile he indirectly confirms his second marriage.
Well, there are lots of things spreading about his second marriage.

On the other hand, let’s have a look at some rare and unknown facts about the Mounika Reddy.

1. Mounika Reddy is the second daughter of late leaders Bhuma Nagireddy and Shobha Nagireddy. And her real name is Bhuma Naga Mounika.
2. Well, Mounika was previously married to a man from Bangalore and he had a 5-year-old son. But she divorced her first husband.
3. Mounika is living in Hyderabad for years and is a very intelligent person but she is aggressive too. She speaks very politely as long as no one bothers her.
4. She also has some property assets with her sister Akhilapriya, estimated at around Rs. 2000 crores. It is also said that she received Rs. 250 crores as alimony during the time of the divorce.
5. Manchu Manoj and Naga Mounika have been in contact since 2018. Both of them met in a social service or Reddy’s social group. In the present times, it is said that Manoj is living with Mounika for some years. But everyone thought that this is common in the industry and took the matter lightly.
6. Manoj’s first wife Pranathi, was also from Reddy’s social group. So now, people saying, what is the point of marrying a girl from Reddy’s social class?

The reports also said that Manchu Manoj’s marriage to Mounika Reddy is not liked by his family members and reportedly he is now staying away from his family.

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