Some Interesting Facts About Liz Truss, The Prime Minister of United Kigdom

Know About Liz Truss, The Prime Minister of UK

Liz Truss has some record of the political things. Liz Truss was once a supporter of the Liberal Democratic Party of Britain and in her young days, she participated in anti-nuclear demonstrations. Later, she could convince her mother to participate in her electioneering and her father is a Mathematics professor in Leeds, Yorkshire, and had refused to have anything in it.

Know About Liz Truss, The Prime Minister of UK
Know About Liz Truss, The Prime Minister of UK

Liz Truss is an environmentalist and said, she was an environmentalist before it was fashionable. She was a teenage eco-warrior, who campaigned against damage to the ozone layer. But now she plans to sanction more than 100 oil and gas drilling licenses for exploration in the North Sea to ensure Britain’s energy security. And the fact that this may cause indeterminable damage to the ocean life. Then she reported this to the media and said to be prepared for fracking, a mechanism for the lifting of shell oil which causes major pollution in the atmosphere.

Anyways, undoubtedly, Britain needs more energy security in the wake of the Ukraine war. Liz truss is planning to get rid of this but that needs developers to detail in their proposals, their projects might cause rivers and wetlands.

Obviously, Liz Truss has plans to throw more money into the hands of the privileged class which is quite in tune with her free-market policy assurance. It is possible that she intends to create demands in the market and revive the welting manufacturing sector of the country. But without any backup policy and well-thought, it contains an inflation and this may lead to havoc in the financial sector.

But one thing is for sure, Britain is going to adopt higher attitudes towards China and Russia, mainly against them who are in relation to the Ukraine war. Liz will also try to draw Britain out of its dependence on Russia and China in various sectors.

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