Soleus Push-ups- People with diabetes can control their blood sugar with this workout

Diabetes is the most common disease that people are suffering from. You need to get control your blood sugar level in terms to control diabetes. Well, there are not just medicines and diet that help in controlling your blood sugar level but also there are some exercises that doctors recommend for good health. The postprandial exercise, the soleus Push up. Just need to exercise every day after 30 minutes of your food

The metabolism-boosting technique is the soleus push-up, you have to do the push-up while sitting, at first it will be quite difficult but once make a habit it’s easy to do exercise. Well, on performing this soleus pushups exercise, will activate the soleus muscle in your calf, which will enhance your metabolism system, lower your blood sugar level, and reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes.

So, the soleus muscle is found in the lower leg, which is the primary muscle for using standing, walking, standing, and running. When your soleus muscle is activated, the soleus muscle can increase the local oxidative metabolism to high levels for hours. As a result, it can lower their blood glucose by about 50% in the first time of soleus muscle contractions.

The method of exercise-

  • Start with your feet with one heel-up exercise to lower the blood sugar.
  • Sit on a chair with your flat feet on the floor and relax your body first.
  • Keep the front of your foot on the floor, and raise your heels to their full range of motion.
  • Now release your heels to return to the floor. And repeat this again.

Soleus push-ups if done properly will help people suffering from diabetes and help in the reduction of blood sugar levels. however, it will manage your blood sugar level. Moreover, you just need to add the soleus muscle push-ups exercise in your daily workout that can help in improving the lower leg strength, as well as maintain overall body balance and stability. This exercise is more beneficial for the people with a sedentary lifestyle, or in jobs that require longer periods of inactivity.

Well, the question is, how does it work?

Not just the soleus muscle, whether it is biceps or glutes, all muscles depend on different types of combinations of three main things to keep you moving which are blood sugar or glucose, Glycogen and fats, and also the muscle fibers including fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fiber. Because of the slow twitch muscle fiber that is found in the soleus muscle, if it is exercised longer it can lead to greater blood sugar and being utilized.

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