Side effects due to overeating Eggs


Well, Eggs are known to be one of the best sources of protein. Eggs are so delicious and are considered to be incredibly healthful, whether you boil, poach, or even scramble them. Even two eggs per day can increase red blood cell count and help in weight loss. But did you know that eggs contain the bacterium salmonella, which is derived from chicken? While consuming the eggs these germs can enter your body and harm your health if you don’t properly boil.

Let’s check out some of the side effects of eggs.

1. Body cholesterol rises- you know, one large egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol. While the normal limit is in one day, each person needs as much as 300 mg of cholesterol. This measure is based on the assumption that the daily diet contains other nutrients, such as protein from meat, milk, or vegetable protein from tofu or tempeh.

2. Cardiovascular risk- while consuming more eggs can risk High cholesterol levels in the body that leads to heart and can affect heart health. If you don’t control it, the risk of cardiovascular disease will be high.

3. Bloated stomach- eating eggs, Digestive problems can also be a side effect of eating too many eggs. The symptoms of egg intolerance include flatulence, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, to headaches. Symptoms might not be good sometimes.

4. Insulin resistance- the significant side effects occur when you are consuming 4 eggs a day. This condition is not healthy because it can trigger heart disease and insulin resistance.

5. pimples- eating more eggs can affect acne which can be caused by an increase in the hormone progesterone in the body. Progesterone is also present in an egg. Well, if you can eat chicken eggs every day, it’s better to reduce the intake of chicken eggs.

Furthermore, the white egg is found in albumin, which is very difficult to digest. The bad effect can clog the lymphatic system and make the chin area, nostrils, and cheeks inflamed. More than half of the daily prescribed 186 milligrams of cholesterol can be found in just a single egg. Therefore, consuming an intense number of eggs per day increases the bad cholesterol levels, which increases your chance of developing heart disease.

6. The yolk is made up of entirely of cholesterol, while egg whites are entirely made up of proteins. Therefore, the fat levels will remain high even if you are eating boiled eggs, which could badly impact your heart health.

If you eat too many eggs, your digestive system may suffer and you may have extreme abdominal pain. Some people could experience bad consequences even after consuming eggs for lunch or brunch. If a person has a food allergy or egg sensitivity, then this could get even worse.

Eggs are rich in high fat and cholesterol content and have been linked to colon, diabetes, prostate, and colorectal cancer risk, as well as injury to the heart. For people who are dealing with heart problems, eating less yolks and more whites when eating eggs may be a healthier alternative. The fats present in eggs can have a bad effect on your blood sugar. They can increase the insulin resistance, which means that the sugar in your blood isn’t used for energy anymore the way it’s supposed to use.

As a result, your pancreas will make more insulin and blood sugar levels will rise up highly. According to Healthline, eating up to three eggs in a day is enough to make health better without having the bad health impacts of eating many eggs.

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