Shocking news: VJ Sunny Runs Away With Cash 

The VJ sunny needs no introduction to the Telugu states, as he was the winner of the Big boss Telugu season 5 winner and is very popular in south India. People are well aware of his work and his personality.

Shocking new, VJ Sunny Runs Away With Cash 
Shocking new, VJ Sunny Runs Away With Cash 

As recently according to the latest reports, the shocking news came out and got virally instantly, a leaked video of Sunny running away with a bag full of cash has been creating a lot of buzz around it. The big boss winner is seen rushing into the basement of a building. 

It is the CCTV footage, but the source is unknown, the video is of 2nd Jan and the location is yet to be confirmed. In that video, Sunny is seen running out of the building and trying to escape with loads of cash in his car. When he was trying to put the bag into his car, he suddenly slips it and see a large amount of money come out of it. He just takes the money back and quickly puts the bag into his car, so that no one can see him.

However, sunny is usually a non-controversial person with a no-nonsense lifestyle, he stole the hearts of his fans and viewers of the reality show. Till now sunny hasn’t broken up the silence on this matter, and his fans are eagerly waiting for his explanation.

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