Saidabad rape suspect ends his life in Warangal

The prime suspect in the Saidabad rape case, Pallakonda Raju, has allegedly ended his life by jumping in front of a train in Nashkal of Warangal.

When the cops are not leaving any stone unturned to nab the accused, Raju, the accused in the case ended his life with a suicide. His dead body was spotted on the Warangal Railway Track at Ghatkesar. The locals rushed to the spot to see the dead body.

Based on the tattoo on the dead body, the media channels are claiming that it is Raju’s dead body. The photographs and the tattoos are very close to Raju’s identification marks.

Speaking to the media, Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar said that it is Raju’s dead body and the identification marks confirm the same. However, a press meet would be held soon after conducting the autopsy and other tests, the CP said.

The Police have deployed special teams to nab the accused in the Saidabad rape and murder case. To make it easy to identify the accused, the other day, the police released various photographs of the accused in different get-ups. However, the accused ended his life.

It is said that the accused took the extreme step as he might have come to a conclusion that there is no way for him to escape as the public across the two Telugu states are also angry at him and even people wanted to search for him.

However, the family members of the victim are demanding that they won’t believe the suicide case until they see the reports of the state. They are saying that they want a statement from the government on this.

The incident was reported in the Singareni Colony of Siadabad area in Hyderabad. The incident took place on Thursday last week. The family members had earlier accused that the cops didn’t react at the right time. They said that when they asked the cops to break the door of the accused house, they didn’t agree. If the cops would have broken the house, we might have not lost our daughter, the family said.

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