Roja responds to the reports about her daughter Anshu Malika Selvamani’s Cine debut!

The actress-turned-politician Roja celebrated her birthday today. She recently visits Tirupati Srivenkateswara Swamy for a pooja ceremony on her birthday. There has been a rumor about her daughter and son that they are debuting as an actor in the film industry. Her daughter Anshu Malika Selvamani is debuting as an actress, as per the rumors.

Roja responds to the reports about her daughter’s debut
Roja responds to the reports about her daughter’s debut

After all this, Roja responds on this matter to the media. She said that she would be happy as a mother if her daughter and son became actors, they will be encouraged.

Her daughter is studying abroad and further states that her daughter aspires to be a scientist and she made it clear that her daughter is not thinking about becoming an actress at this moment.

Well, Roja is an Indian Politician and a former actress. She completely moved to politics as a tourism minister, Culture and Youth Advancement of Andhra Pradesh. She was in the Tamil and Telugu film Industry from 1992-2002. She has also won three Nandi Awards and one Tamil Nadu State Film Award.

This year, Roja officially announced that she would be leaving the film industry forever and focusing more on her political career. She also announced that she will not be doing any films. However, Roja is married to Tamil film director R. K. Selvamani.

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