RGV explains Reasons for Radhe Shyam Dibacle!

Hyderabad: Controversial director RGV needs not introduction in India for the exception work he has done in the past. Without any doubt Ram Gopal Verma is truly agenius but the the way he create controversies with the kind of statements he make, to keep himself in limelight has created unnecessary headache to lot of celebrities both in Tollywood and Bollywood as well.

Ram Gopal Varma is called the genius and maverick by many of his contemporaries. He is revered as the clever screenplay writer of his generation and for generations to come as well.

Once upon a time, his level of execution despite of box office results used to be revered by all the makers. He lost that respect due to his recent films among film going audiences but his level of understanding and clarity cannot be sanctioned or taken lightly.

RGV talked about the reseasons for Radhe Shyam failure. RGV opined that Radhe Shyam makers going for visual poetry killed their own story intensity in the love story.

He said that movie story demanded to be made with intense characters and not with huge visual grandeur. RGV also said that producers should understand Baahubali needs that budget and not every movie can be made on same scale.

He opined that Radhe Shyam with Prabhas and Pooja Hegde could have been made on a limited budget with picturesque locations like Geetanjali concentrating on live story than visuals.

He further stated that Prabhas fans will like any story on the actor but common audiences need intensity. For visual grandeur we cannot kill the intensity. He said due to intensity in story telling Kashmir Files became huge blockbuster even though made on a budget of 4-5 crores. On the other hand Radhe Shyam is made with 300 crores and had no intensity.

One has to agree with RGV opinion about the amount production houses has to invest on a movie. Overspending then what actually required for movie is always risky.

Radhe Shyam released on 11th March and opened huge in Telugu states but did not sustain the momentum. In other markets it did not open to decent numbers also. Radhakrishna Kumar wrote and directed the film for UV Creations, Gopi Krishna and T-Series production houses.

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