Restrictions Have been Imposed: Mobile Phones Banned in IIIT Basara

Mobile Phones Banned in IIIT Basara

Basara, July 25: IIIT Basara announced the banning on using mobile phones. The rule has been imposed throughout the entire campus that they banned using phones inside the campus or administrative buildings, labs, and classrooms.

Mobile Phones Banned in IIIT Basara
Mobile Phones Banned in IIIT Basara

Previously, the students of IIIT Basara have protested for about one week demanding the provision of facilities and the protest information shared on social media. Although the management of the IIIT Basara did not allow media and all, somehow the students managed that and inform people about their demands and the protests themselves.

Previously, the students presented their 12 demands, before Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy and the minister promised to fulfill their demands, and solve all their problems within a month. According to the student demands, the regular VC will be appointed and after going to classes, many students were hospitalized after eating the contaminated food. This incident created a huge impact across the state.

Well, the government agreed to fulfill their demands and hence all the students who protested withdrew their protest after all. But the management did not implement their assurances except for one or two. The ban on phone usage on campus led to several suspicions.

Students are asking that the official or management took the decision to avoid spreading photos and videos when they protest again. But there is no clarity from the management that the ban on phones is only applicable to the students only or also to the teaching staff. Students are demanding to apply the rules imposed on them to lectures also.

Overall, restrictions on media on the University campus are continuing to be applied. Media is not allowed inside the University. Whenever any meeting was held, the university officials are transporting the reporters in university vehicles amid police security to the meeting venue and again dropped them outside of the gate. No photos or videos are allowed to take inside the campus.

A warning was given that there will be serious consequences if the phones are used inside the campus. Also, there is a discussion that Basara IIIT is becoming a carafe address for a series of controversies. The announcement of exceptional holidays for E-3 students has become a topic of discussion.

From the previous demands of the appointment of a VC, meanwhile, the students have ended their seven days long protests by following the promise of Education Minister Sabita Indra Reddy to appoint a VC, but there is still no sign of the appointed VC. The student of IIT Basara also demanded from the government to arrange student amenities like beds, cots, and uniforms, the maintenance of electrical, plumbing, internet, and mess infrastructure maintenance.

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