Ramya Tries to slap Pavitra Lokesh and Naresh at the Hotel!

The Controversy Surrouding Actor Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh is buzzing topic in recent times. Today Naresh 3rd wife Ramya Tried to slap Pavitra Lokesh and Naresh at the Hotel in Karnataka.

Ramya Tries to slap Pavitra and Naresh at the Hotel!
Ramya Tries to slap Pavitra and Naresh at the Hotel!

Going into the details Senior Actor Naresh and Pavitra lokes were spotted on camera while staying in a hotel. Naresh’s third wife Ramya came to know that they were staying at the hotel. There they tried to stop PavitraLokesh and Naresh. On this occasion, she tried to hit Pavitra with her sandal. Ramya was stopped by the police. Naresh whistles at Ramya and leaves in the lift with Pavitra. The news related to this is buzzing.

What controversy..?

It is known that Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh are getting married in the last few days. In this background, Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupathi came to the fore. Naresh accused her of preparing another marriage without divorcing him. They said that they threatened Naresh with a gun on the table. As her comments went viral, Naresh also gave a scathing reply.

Naresh Pavitra Lokesh Controversy
Naresh Pavitra Lokesh Controversy

Naresh said that Ramya never behaved like his wife. He said that Ramya got into blackmailing only for money. He said that the same was done in Hyderabad.. Now Bangalore has started. He said that he had come to Bangalore to give an alert. Have you noticed that he has acted in two hundred movies.. More than a hundred heroines have acted with him.. Have you noticed that he cheated even one woman? He asked. He accused Ramya that he could not bear the torture and gave Rs.10 lakhs.

It is known that Pavitra Lokesh also responded to this episode.. The video has also been released. Ramya raghupathi is trying to make her bad. If she really wants a husband, justice will be done if she asks in Hyderabad. Ramya said that she came between them, was in a relationship, got married and made her guilty in front of Karnataka media. Pavitra Lokesh requested to please support her and Naresh in this matter.

Now this episode has become a topic of discussion to reach Mysore again. Ramya Raghupathi came to know that Naresh and Pavitra were in the hotel and tried to stop them. Unable to stop her anger, she tried to hit Pavitra with a shoe. Stopped by the police. Otherwise she would have attacked Pavitra. After seeing Ramya, Naresh whistled very happily and left from there.

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