Rajamouli receives the Best Director award from NYFCC

The famous Telugu director SS Rajamouli won the best director trophy for his RRR movie at NYFCC- New York Film Critics Circle (NYFCC) awards ceremony in New York. He attended the ceremony and gave an acceptance speech. RRR is also up for Academy Awards nominations. A several nominations have been predicted for the film by Hollywood insiders, as per the reports.

Rajamouli receives the Best Director award from NYFCC
Rajamouli receives the Best Director award from NYFCC

In replied, Rajamouli said that, it means a lot and you have given this prestigious award. Thank you so much, a lot of people have heard about the RRR movie of South India. 

Furthermore, Rajamouli also expressed his delight at the massive reception of the RRR pre-interval sequence which is received in the United States. The Golden Globes will be held on January 11th in Los Angeles and the director Rajamouli, and lead actors Ram Charan, and NTR will also be there. As, the movie is nominated for the Best Foreign Film and Best Original Song Naatu Naatu, so now RRR has a total of two nominations.

Furthermore, SS Rajamouli said, that he would like to thank their USA Distributor for giving this wide release. In India, people watch the movies in an incredible manner. As Indians don’t get to see the picture or hear the sound all the excitement and exuberance. But we still watch them for just the thrill. But in the case of RRR, he saw such type of hysteria in the west, he want his heroes to have super humane arcs. Rajamouli vowed to make such type of movies that supply to the global audience henceforth. 

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