Rajamouli -Mahesh Babu movie A Multistarrer?

It is all but confirmed that Rajamouli will be collaborating with Mahesh Babu for SSMB29. Rajamouli had even stated that he will be directing Mahesh for his next project. The only thing due is the official announcement of the project which is not too far from now.

But the latest updates are implying that Rajamouli plans to make SSMB29 as a multistarrer rather than a solo hero film. Apparently, the script that is being developed by Rajamouli and his father Vijayendra Prasad accomodates not just one but two heroes.

Moreover, from the business stnadpoint, Rajamouli is expected to take the box office by storm with RRR. For his next project, the staes will be exceptionally high, and one way to ensure maximum ox office potential is by bringing in not just one but two star heroes.

Apparently, the script that is being developed by Rajamouli and Vijayendra Prasad needs two heroes. While Mahesh Babu is obviously locked for one of the protagonist roles, Rajamouli might have to start the hunt for the other protagonist role.

This is still an early thought now and this idea is subject to change and modification. Rajamouli will be the one taking the final call on the same but if he really does decide to bring two superstars onboard for this as-yet-untitled project with Mahesh, then there is no stopping him.

There is also a talk that Rajamouli wants a top Tollywood star for the second male lead role in the film and he might be starting the hunt for the same very soon.

But it will also depend on how Mahesh will react to the idea of multistarrer. If Mahesh is okay with it, then it is all good. Else, there might be a complication between Mahesh and Rajamouli and it will have to be resolved if the project is to progress as per plan.

The script idea and the concept of multistarrer are a bit too vague for now and we have to wait on the same before drawing any conclusions. We need to wait and see how things pan out in the days to come.

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