Popular American YouTuber does a Photoshoot in Bikini to support Farmers’ agitation!

The global support to the farmers’ agitation against the Centre’s Agriculture bills continues to grow with one after the other global celebrity voicing their support for the protests.

Well known American YouTuber Amanda Cerny joined the list of celebrities, who are extending their support to the ongoing farmers’ agitation at the Delhi border.

Compared to the other celebrities, the American YouTuber has supported in a different way. The YouTuber has done a photoshoot by donning a bikini. She did the Photoshoot by standing on a tractor in an agriculture field.

Taking a dig at critics, who are accusing the global celebrities of being paid to make the tweets in support of the farmers’ protests, the YouTuber called the photoshoot sponsored by Mia Khalifa.

However, this is not the first time, the Youtuber spoke about the protest. In the first week of this month, she took to her Instagram post to react to the farmers’ agitation.

In the post, the Youtuber has claimed that, by blocking the internet services at the site of the protest, the Narendra Modi government has violated the human rights of the farmers.

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