Perfect Destinations for Night Treks in India

Hey travelers. I know you are finding the best sky for star gazing, and night treks, where you can the millions of stars, that’s pretty amazing. Think, you are standing below the open night sky with zero light pollution, it’s just the starry lights that lighten your eyes and the sky. Moreover, the place from where you can see the Milkyway with your naked eyes. What will be your feeling at that time when you are seeing all this in one place? This is so dramatic and exciting. And the best thing is the night treks under this sky.

I always have been a night sky lover, and that’s why I looked around to find some dark sites from where I can see the millions of stars and Milkyway and can trek amidst forests and mountains. I explored almost the entire country for searching the best night treks in India. And yes, I found, and all these things I have said, it is literally possible, that’s not a movie scene at all, that is the realistic views of dark night skies. I have seen these skies and saw the Milkyway containing millions of stars in it. That’s so wonderful and stunning, and it remains to mesmerize my eyes always and forever. And trekking with these skies added an immense and unforgettable experience to your trip.

Let me take you on a tour of the Night treks, from where you can see all those things which I have mentioned. Even you would not take your eyes off there for even a single minute while trekking.

Night Treks in India

1. Ranganathaswamy Betta Trek- The beauty of Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, a peaceful hill station in Karnataka and is one of the top places to visit near Bangalore. It is located approximately 70 kilometers south of Bengaluru. If you are looking for a soulful natural escape in the valleys of countryside Karnataka, then this is what you would like. Even you can be witness to see Asian Elephants. This is a thrilling trek with foggy, and often challenging adventures.

2. Dhotrey – Tonglu Trek, West Bengal- the beautiful trek for a night surrounded by lush green forests and snow-caping mountains. This trek is situated in Darjeeling, near Singalila National Park in West Bengal. The trek goes on through Maneybhanjyang which is located at a height of 2134 m. The trek also offers stunning and outstanding views of the Kanchendzonga Range.

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3. Harishchandragad Trek, Maharashtra– this night trek is so beautiful, Harishchandragad is located at the border of Pune, near Thane, and is also called the best trekking location in Maharashtra. The route is popular among trekkers and adventure lovers. You can also see the viewpoints like Konkan Kada and Taramati which offers stunning views of neighboring hills and valleys.

4. Rajmachi trek– Rajmachi Trek is located between Lonavala and Karjat, the two popular hill stations, and a perfect place for those who enjoy deep valleys, camping, trails, waterfalls, and all things natural. The Rajmachi trek is popular among trekkers and adventure lovers. This Rajmachi night trek takes you through the steep valley that can take you to the best of both these destinations. The charm of the mountains and the peaceful environment is so calm.

5. Vikatgad Trek, Maharashtra- This destination, is surrounded by lush green forests. Vikatgad is one of the good places for trekking places near Mumbai far from the crowded places. The village also has a houses fort which has dome-shaped like Lord Ganesha’s head. According to history, Shivaji Maharaj used the caves in the fort as silos to store grains.

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