Pembarti Metal Crafts – Complete Details

Pembarti is a town world famous for brassware metal crafts. Pembarti is located at a distance of 100 km from Hyderabad and one can reach on National Highway NH 163 to Warangal. The brass sheets are beaten out to transform them into fascinating and wonderful art and utility objects.

Pembarti Metal Crafts
Pembarti Metal Crafts

India is home to innumerable handicrafts and arts. Similarly, artists used to carve their handiwork in the facades of numerous stone carvings and temples all over India. Later, with the increased usage of brass, artists have kind of experimented with utilizing brass to make crafts. Although the architecture and crafts of Vijayanagar at Hampi were ruined over the years, the original marvelous structures were sheathed in beaten copper and brass by the ancestors of the Pembarti craftsmen.

There are many craftsmen throughout India who are skilled in various skills. But, somehow, the craftsman belonging to the sleepy little village of Pembarti are famous throughout India.

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In ancient India where iron was still not discovered, people used copper and its alloys to make various tools and objects for various activities utilization. However, brass is even used today but not for the activities of the objects of art.

The copper alloy brass is still used to make statues, carvings, and castings in the modern form of art. Although ancient methods are used in their preparation, the raw materials are used from modern mines and furnaces.

Indian brass utilities are not only famous in India but also in foreign countries. It is so famous that the brass potted planter in the foyer of a Manhattan hotel or Tokyo corporate office comes from Pembarti, a small village of Telangana, the manufacturing center of brass work.

In the modern world, people have been using nonstick and plastic items for kitchenware. After knowing the harmful effects of plastic usage, people are again making a slow shift to using brass items. People from other countries are using brass items made by the unique Pembarthi craftsmanship. Innovative architects started using Pembarthi brassware as an integral part of their designs. This has led to a revival of the craft tradition.

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