Pastor Nagabhushanam’s strange antics : Counselled by Gannvaram Police

Gannvaram Pastor Nagabhushanam’s strange behaviour Creates Controversy

Gannavaram Pastor Nagabhushanam Strange Behaviour
Gannavaram Pastor Nagabhushanam Strange Behaviour

Hyderabad: Have you ever thought about what happens after a person died? I guess everyone in the world had thought of it once in their lifetime. We don’t know the answers yet, maybe we will not find these answers in this world. Even scientists don’t know the answer to this question, because it is something beyond that. But If I say this, this is just science because if the organs fail or any of the body functions stop working then we say the person is dead scientifically. But some people believe what happens at the spiritual level?

Those people believe that a person’s soul leaves the body and goes back to another world, it’s the spirit that controls the human body, and if it leaves the body then the persons assume to be dead. Many pastors and some spiritual researchers have different theories and beliefs on that. Similarly, one south Indian paster created some controversies on the afterlife or about death.

One of the pastors Nagabhushanam of Gollanappalli, Gannavaram Mandal of Krishna district and runs a local church called Zion Blessing Ministries. He who went for finding the answers to this hypothetical question is confusing everyone and creating some strange controversies. He says that if a person dies in ten days and can return from the grave after three days. Meanwhile, a dead person can come back to life after 3 days of their death.

He is spreading this controversy to the world, that after his death, will rise again after 3 days. Will be back from the dead. He is continuously saying to all the members of the church and the family members that, he will die in 10 days and should be buried in the same grave and he will be alive again in just the next three days.

He also prepared his grave for his burial and says, he will die like Jesus Christ and come back alive from the grave. veryone is wondering and saying what is he saying, all villagers are questioning him about the same but he continuously said that he will come alive after 3 days of death. Villagers are so confused and say that their mental state is not good, and led these controversies and strange behavior.

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