Palvancha Peddamma Talli temple in Bhadradri Kothagudem District – History, Significance & Other important details!

Peddamma Temple is located in K.P Jagannadhapuram Village, Palvancha Mandal, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, and is dedicated to Ammavari Goddess famous Durga Devi Temple. Kothagudem and Palvancha are the two twin industrial towns in the Bhadradri district of the Indian state of Telangana.

Palvancha Peddamma Talli temple in Bhadradri Kothagudem District
Palvancha Peddamma Talli temple in Bhadradri Kothagudem District

The temple is well known and devotees come from far to visit this temple every year, as the temple comes opens more during the months of October and November. Daily hundreds of devotees visit this temple as it is on the way to India’s most famous temple Sri Seetha Ramachandra Swamy Devasthanam, Bhadrachalam. 

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However, this temple is situated 80km far away from the Khammam district enroute to Bhadrachalam temple town near SH 11 and NH 44 between Palvancha and Bhadrachalam Towns. Coming to its history, in old days, once that temple was a dense forest and the home of wild animals, and one tiger used to roam in this area living under a tamarind tree, tiger used to travel on that road regularly.

As we know, the animal tiger is the vehicle of the goddess Durga and people started believing the tiger as the epitome they constructed a statue for the goddess Durga and also built a temple with placing their idol inside it. Temple usually opens from 6 am till 8:30 pm. The area is full of lush green forests, industries, and landscapes. 

However, the nearest railway station is at Kothagudem which is about 12 km away. It was originally named “Bhadrachalam Road”, being the closest railway station to Bhadrachalam, an important pilgrimage destination or spot of Lord Rama. 

If you are going by air, the nearest airport is at Hyderabad, around 300 kms. from Palvancha. And if you opt for the route by road, then the pedhammatalli is located at a distance of 2 kilometers away from Palvancha town.

Furthermore, the temple is also famous for its high temperature during summer, the area crossed approx 50 degrees Celsius during the summer. From the temple, the Kinnerasani Dam is also nearby at a distance of 12km. the dam is also famous for its wildlife and it is a notified sanctuary.

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