Pakhal Lake Khanapur, Warangal, Telangana – History & Significance, Wild Life Sanctuary!

Pakhal Lake Khanapur Mandal, Warangal District, Telangana

Pakhal Lake one of the popular places to visit is located at a distance of around 50 km from Warangal city. The lake offers a breathtaking picturesque site and is spread across an area of 30 sq. km in between the flourishing greenery of forests and hills. 

Pakhal Lake Khanapur Mandal, Warangal District, Telangana
Pakhal Lake Khanapur Mandal, Warangal District, Telangana

Travel to Pakhal lake is a perfect place for families to come and spend quality time together. Pakhal lake is equally attractive to nature enthusiasts as it offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, the chirping sounds of birds, a refreshing breeze, and mesmerizing scenery at the Pakhal lake, Warangal can help you have a relaxed holiday.

History and Significance

Pakhal Lake is a man-made lake that was built on a tributary of River Krishna. The lake was built during the Kakatiya rule in 1213 AD by the Kakatiya King Ganapati Deva. It was built to serve as a source of water for irrigational purposes to the people and farmers. 

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Pakhal Lake, Warangal has now become a popular place for tourists to visit and relax. Its mesmerizing natural beauty and peaceful surroundings make it an ideal place to spend a few tranquil moments at the lake without any rush. One can even identify the tranquility of the place just by looking at the enchanting beauty in photos. 

Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary
Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary

Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary

Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary is located around the shores of this lake with an area of 839 km2. It is a dense forest shelter for various species of animals.

The sanctuary is home to mammals including the nilgai, chital, leopard, jackal, sloth bear, porcupine, langoor, bonnet macaque, and reptiles like the python, cobra, Russell’s viper, common krait, monitor lizard, Indian chameleon, and occasionally, marsh crocodiles. 

There are many types of fish in the lake like Botcha, Rohu, Jella, Chandamama, Naayanikuntha, Peraka, Poomeenu, Korramatta, Kodipe, Kailam, etc. 

So, if have traveled to the Khanapur Mandal, Warangal to view the enchanting beauty of the Pakhal lake, then do not miss to visit the Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary which is present nearby. 

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