Organic Indigo Powder For Natual Hair Color – Preparation, Side Effects, Tips for Applying

Indigo powder

In the 21st century, the rapid growth of urbanization and globalization, changes in the water quality we drink or bath, modulations in our diet, and an overall shift in our lifestyle have been really expensive and it is our beautiful hair that had to pay the price. The after-effects such as hair fall, premature hair greying, hair thinning, patches, and baldness are a few of the most obvious and commonly found problems in this era and among all, pre-mature hair greying is one of the very 1st signs of unhealthy hairs.

Indigo Powder For Natual Hair Color
Indigo Powder For Natual Hair Color

Though there are many products readily available in the market which can bring your black hair back there are hardly any products out there that do this without leaving their side effects, so is there anything that can be used freely without posing any side effects. Let me introduce you to this wonderful gift of nature, Indigo powder which not only gives a deep black texture to hairs but also stops them from greying further.

Indigo powder is the extract that comes from the crushed and dried leaves of the plant called Indigofera tinctoria also called True Indigo, one of the original sources of indigo dye.

The compound in the powder that gives the coloring texture is glycoside – a combination of glucose and indoxyl and the powder is prepared by the fermentation process.

Now, you might be wondering how to use this powder, so let’s have our eye on it.

Applying Indigo powder is pretty easy and has a very straightforward process.

How to prepare indigo powder:

  1. Measure the amount of powder needed for your hair length, the longer the hair more the amount of water is required. 40-50 grams for short hairs, 90 grams for shoulder-length hairs, and approximately 150 grams for long hairs.
  2. Glass bowls are the preferred choice for mixing hair dye or make sure that the bowl is non-metallic.
  3. Take the required amount of powder and add warm water to it.
  4. Mix it well and keep it soaked for about 20-30 minutes post which powder will start releasing the dye and the mixture is now ready to apply.

A step-by-step guide to applying the paste

  1. Do remove all the tangles and knots in hairs first before applying the paste.
  2. Put on an old T-shirt or something to avoid stains on your cloth.
  3. Keep some disposable gloves to avoid staining your hands and nails.
  4. Disperse your hairs into multiple sections and start applying the paste. Use a brush to do so.
  5. Massage your hair with your hands for spreading the paste evenly.
  6. Once the paste is applied to the entire length, use the remaining paste to apply to the roots of the hair and the scalp for providing nourishment.
  7. Once the hair is soaked in the dye, cover it with a shower cap or some plastic cover for achieving the best results.
  8. Leave hairs for about 2-3 hours and then wash off with plain water.
  9. Do not wash off with shampoo as it can dilute the effect.
  10. Wait for at least 48 hours before applying shampoo.
  11. At last, make sure to air dry your hair to lock the dye and avoid any moisture loss.

Now, you know what is indigo powder and how to use it but Do you have any idea of a specific brand? Let me list out a few for you.

  1. Organic indigo powder – By Kama Ayurveda
  2. Organic indigo powder – By The wellness shop
  3. Natural indigo powder- By ovesa
  4. Ayurveda indigo powder – By Attar
  5. Indigo leaf powder – By khadi
  6. Organic indigo powder – By Indus valley
  7. Indigo leaf powder – By Herb villa
  8. Indigo leaf powder – By Hennaveda
  9. Organic indigo powder – By Indus valley
  10. Organic indigo powder – By Carmel organics

Final Word:

Use this paste once a week or ten days depending on your hair quality for the best and continuous result. Indigo powder does not only color your hair but also provides medicinal benefits to them. I hope you have found this information useful.

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