OOPS!! Nora Fatehi returns to Instagram, says ‘there was an attempted hack’

Bollywood: Hours after Nora Fatehi‘s Instagram page disappeared, the actor released a statement saying, “someone was trying to hack her account.” “Sorry guys! There was an attempted hack on my Instagram! Someone’s been trying to get into my account since morning,” a note read on her Instagram account.

She also thanked the team of Instagram to help her recover her account.

“Thanks to the Instagram team for helping me sort this out so quickly @instagram,” she added.

The news of her absence from the social media application surely left fans worried.

Nora has been sharing regular updates from her Dubai vacation. Her last IG post was a clip of herself feeding a lion with her bare hand.

Although her post was liked by many of her fans, the World Animal Protection India slammed the growing trend of celebrities posing with captive animals.

Resharing Nora’s post on their official Instagram handle, the WAP criticized the same, and wrote, “World Animal Protection is concerned at the growing trend of celebrities posing with captive lionesses in various captive facilities in the Middle East and urges all individuals to avoid patronising captive wild animals in entertainment. Wild animals used in entertainment suffer immeasurably in these venues. Wildlife belongs in the wild.”

Nora was last seen in singer Guru Randhawa’s music video, ‘Dance Meri Rani’, released on December 21.

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