Now we can use the same WhatsApp account on four different devices


Till now we can use only one account in one phone, but after today this will be changed. Yes, which means, WhatsApp recently announced that it will now allow users to log in through multiple devices and enable them to use the same account on up to four various devices. This highly anticipated feature has been eagerly awaited by many users. WhatsApp said in a statement that the new multi-device offering will improve their service even further.

To use this feature, users can link their account to four additional devices, similar to how they would use WhatsApp Web on desktops. Each linked smartphone will be connected to WhatsApp account independently, with end-to-end encryption ensuring that all messages, calls, and data are kept safe and secure.

There are two ways to connect the phones, firstly by entering a one-time code that you will receive after entering your phone number on WhatsApp Web or by scanning the QR code on the primary device. The linked devices can be smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The announcement of this new feature has generated a wave of memes on social media platforms by creating funny memes and fun at the idea of juggling four devices at once.

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