Nord VPN Details & Review: Performance, Speed, Connection, Pricing Pros & Cons

Nord VPN Review:

Nord VPN is the best use for privacy purposes, no other VPN can keep you safe this much as Nord VPN could do. It has brilliant Eye-catching security features. It is very fast and powerful and above all, it provides security or privacy enable. This makes the VPN the best choice to use and top-ranking software. Nord VPN has AES 256 encryption and the OpenVPN protocol, Nord VPN blocks ads, and trackers and prevents spiteful websites. It prevents letting others track your online activity

Nord VPN Review: Performance, Speed, Connection, Pricing Pros & Cons
Nord VPN Review: Performance, Speed, Connection, Pricing Pros & Cons

VPN is meant to keep us safe from all types of networks, Nord VPN provides faster speed, and double VPN encryption. Double encryption means it is encrypted but not only once, twice through multiple servers. It provides the best security features like AES-256 encryption and other extra features that you won’t find in other VPNs. It has a strict logging policy, the most amazing feature is if you are looking to avoid hacking, spying, or hackers, NordVPn has you covered. Nord VPN provides 24/7 customer supports in case of real emergencies.

Pros & Cons of Nord VPN

The positive benefits of Nord VPN-

  1. This is the Nonmember of five eyes, nine eyes, and 14 eyes,
  2. You can access the content on Netflix
  3. It has the strict logging policy
  4. This VPN has got the high app rating
  5. High-speed NordLynx protocol
  6. Reliable unblocking
  7. Security smart
  8. It also provides a cloud storage space

The negative points of Nord VPN

  1. It has a static IP address
  2. It’s very hard to reach customer support
  3. Kill switch does not shut off with all applications with iOS apps
  4. Nord VPN has limited Torrent Support
  5. Some features need a bit of work.

Nord VPN Servers

Server connection- Nord VPN has 5500+ servers globally across 60 countries. It allows 6 connections at the same time, so it’s better than ExpressVPN but other VPNs have no connection limits.

 Nord VPN Servers
Nord VPN Servers

It can easily work on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome books, Android TV, and others also windows extras include browser extensions as well as chrome and Firefox. You can enjoy the Netflix server by connecting to another country’s server.

Streaming: It has been a great tool for unblocking the streaming apps, if you love streaming then this is for you, Netflix, Disney plus, HBO Max, BBC Player, and more benefits you can enjoy without any glitches.

Nord VPN Security:

Nord VPN owns its own server and manages it, others cannot access them. Nord VPN app followed the most secure protocol ASE 256 the same protocol the US government and military use, with high privacy features. It routes the connection through a double encrypted server for extra security. Nord VPN has a reliable Kill switch that protects you even if the VPN fails. Nord VPN has developed its own version called Nord Lynx. This VPN is ideal for anyone who is very concerned about their privacy like bloggers, journalists, activists, and other related workers. Nord VPN makes your data unreadable to others.

Nord VPN Performance:

it provides the downloading speed of above-average 760Mbps. It has reached the peak which is 880Mbps, but again in some tests, it reached its final value of 900-950Mbps.

Do you want to know about its Extra feature?

Nord VPN has strong DNS leak protection, it has two ultra-reliable kill switches and the main part is, that it supports crypto, PayPal, and cards as well.

Nord VPN Pricing:

If you want to buy the plan then it is slightly expensive for only one month and you will have a discount on one and two-year plans.

  • For 1 month- $11.99 per month
  • For 2 years- $3.29 per month
  • For 1 year- $4.99 per month

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