NMC Cancels 520 Medical Seats in Telangana: Reasons and Students Future?

NMC’s Decision to cancel 520 Medical seats put students’ Future in dubiety

After enrolling in private Medical colleges and paying lakhs of Rupees as tuition fees and attending classes regularly when everything seems to be right track the students have to hear a shocking decision from NMC that their medical seats were cancelled. The medical students’ future from 3 private medical colleges in the state of Telangana state landed in dubiety with one shocking decision from NMC. National Medical Commission (NMC) cancelled the permission for 520 medical seats at MNR, TRR and Mohavier colleges citing a lack of proper facilities and Staff.

NMC’s Decision to cancel 520 Medical seats put students’ Future in dubiety
NMC’s Decision to cancel 520 Medical seats put students’ Future in dubiety

Recently, The Central health department conducted sudden inspections at the medical colleges only to find that there were no basic facilities, lecturers were not appointed as per the requirement, not enough laboratories etc. Hence, NMC informed that it had cancelled 520 seats in these three medical colleges.  These 3 colleges have appealed to the NMC against the cancellation of admissions. According to reports, Cancelling seats within a month of joining the colleges has never happened in recent times.

NMC always conducts sudden checks at medical colleges before admissions whether to allow admissions or not but this NMC did a surprise visit after admissions were done and classes started. The three colleges were MNR college in Sangareddy, TRR in Patancheru, and Mahaveer College in Vikarabad.

About 450 seats for undergraduate MBBS seats while the rest 70 are PG seats. These seats also include 50% from the convener quota, while 3 % B category and the rest 15% from NRI quota seats. Convener, B and C category seats are also available in PG seats. There are also institutional quota seats.

What Happens to the Student’s Future?

Even six months ago a similar thing happened. That time too even after admissions few seats were cancelled however those students have adjusted in various medical colleges. So we can expect the same. Students will have to be and need to be adjusted I other colleges and students have to different places for completing their courses. However, The three colleges went for an appeal if NMC responds positively then students need not worry much as they can continue with their respective colleges. However, if the colleges failed to get positive response students to have to move to other colleges. New Fee structure and some of the students already paid the total fee with the current colleges while few paid donations to the colleges and its hard to get refunds. This becomes a burden for parents of students.

Though it’s not the student’s fault, it’s the mistake of the colleges for not providing adequate facilities and NMC providing permissions and cancelling in a midway. Students are the sufferers for sure.

 Students to Meet Minister Harish Rao

 The medical students from these colleges are scheduled to meet Minister Harish Rao and Kaloji Narayana Rao Health University officials over the issue. sources said that the NMC has been directed to take appropriate action after a private college owner went to the high court.

It is importat for NMC has should take appropriate steps and should rescue the students from uncertainty.

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