New Zealand-Bound Emirates Plane Flies For 13 Hours

The New Zealand flight took off but ended up landing back at the same airport where it took off more than 12 hours later. The passengers on an Emirates flight bound for Auckland again.

Flight EK448 departed at 10:30 am local time and the pilot was just halfway of the way but turned around after 9000 miles journey, and landed back in Dubai after midnight Saturday.

The airport said in the afternoon, that Auckland Airport has been closed at the start of the weekend due to the flooding condition. And Auckland Airport has been assessing the damage to the international airport terminal which determined that no international flights can be operated today. And this is extremely frustrating but the safety of passengers is the top priority.

New Zealand-Bound Emirates Plane Flies For 13 Hours

On Saturday night, after domestic flights resumed at the airport, then airport officials said that international flights would resume from Sunday morning. Emirates airlines said in a statement to Business Insider, that they extremely regret the inconvenience caused to the customers. Emirates airlines will continue to monitor the situation in Auckland and issue the necessary updates when required.

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