New symptoms of monkey pox: High skin lesions & low fever

High skin lesions, Low fever, the new symptoms of Monkey Pox

The researchers and doctors have predicted the high prevalence of genital skin lesions in patience and the higher rate of co-occurring sexually transmitted infections STI, they will see monkey pox cases in the future.

New symptoms of monkey pox: High skin lesions & low fever
New symptoms of monkey pox: High skin lesions & low fever

Symptoms of The genital and anal area and lower tiredness and fever were seen among new monkey- pox patients among those who were infected during the coronavirus infection.

Presently, over 5000 cases have been reported across 51 countries till now according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The UK has reported 1235 cases, and the number of cases in Europe is 90% globally or 90% of the global total.

Researchers from the Chelsea and Westminster hospital NHS foundation trust looked over 54 patients and they were diagnosed with monkey pox during their 12-day period in May 2022. All the 54 patients, except two, were not aware of having been in contact with a known case and none reported travel to sub-Saharan Africa.

More than half of the patients had more than five sexual partners in the 12 weeks before they were diagnosed with monkey pox. All patients who were having intercourse with the same gender, meanwhile men to men, and 47 out of 52 reported at least one new sexual partner during the three weeks before the symptoms. But all five were discharged from the hospital within seven days of the treatment.

All the patients were infected and had skin lesions, 94% of all the patients were having at least one skin lesion on the genital or perianal skin, but fortunately, the patients recovered while isolating at home but all five of them were required to be admitted at the hospital due to infection and pain.

The reports suggested that the transmission of the monkey pox virus is occurring from skin-to-skin interaction or meanwhile sexual contact, intercourse, the sexual activity.

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