Nepali Girl Prakriti Malla is considered having Best Handwriting In The World?

Best Handwriting in the world is one of the most searched term on the Internet. Have you ever given a thought to who is having the best Handwriting in the world? In 2021 A Nepali Girl is considered to have the best Handwriting in the world.

World’s best Handwriting

Did you have good marks in your school just because you have good handwriting? Or teacher asked you to improve your handwriting to get better results because there is been extra marks for the handwriting? Lets get into styles first..

Well, apart from all things we have mostly accepted the fact that having the good writing has its own advantages. It has lots of benefits and if you are really like this then you will take classes in calligraphy.

Handwriting is the art of creating different fonts, shapes, and styles. There are different styles of handwriting style-

  1. Textura Script,
  2. Cursive Script,
  3. Court hands
Textura Script
Textura Script

This was one of the oldest scripts of the middle ages. It is generally used in the 12-16th century. Textura script was also called Gothic handwriting or black letter Handwriting. An example of this script is “rotunda” in this the natural and curved letters are formed.

Cursive Script
Cursive Script

This is a cursive script, it is most extensively used in the present day.

Every person on this planet has a different way of handwriting. No one can copy each other handwriting’s fully. It is been using to verify the matched handwritings for resolving the various cases, all thanks to our advanced technologies which are continuously developing.

There are lots of students who are suffering from reading and writing challenges, they read reverse letters or write reverse such as- b of d or d of b, this situation of inability to read and write is called Dyslexia. In India, approximately 10% of children have been thought to have dyslexia, and nearly 35 million children are suffering from this. 

I have always been wondering who is the world’s best’s handwriting? There are various types of fonts, styles, designs, etc., let’s talk about the world’s best handwriting.

Nepali Girl Prakriti Malla
Nepali Girl Prakriti Malla

Let’s meet with the Nepali Girl Prakriti Malla, a student of 8th standard in Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya and has the best handwriting in the world, she received an award from the government of Nepal for the best Handwriting, and Govt had considered her signature as the best signature in the world.

If you want to get the good grades in your class, here the short description can help you in choosing the fonts

  1. Rusty Cola Pen: – It is a type of cursive handwriting font that will add stars to your work.
  2. Melany Lane: – It is very balancing and elegant Handwriting with strokes at the beginning and end of each character. Characters are separate from each other, they have an Italic font, which provides an absolute pattern and looks very simple and beautiful.
  3. Landliebe: – This is a type of cursive Handwriting with thick and thin layers.
  4. DP Dork Diary: – As the name suggests, it is a non-cursive and quite readable font. The words are straight, and are very clear to the reader.
  5. Mervale Script:- One of the incredible scripts and gives a retro feel. This type of Script is semi-cursive, some of the letters rejoin together, and some do not. It is ideal for writing titles, topics, quotes, etc. You may find it in some newspapers or magazines.

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