Nayanthara Lands in Controversy the next day after Marriage

Naythara Tirumala Controversy : TTD to serve legal Notices to the Newly married couple

Lady superstar Nayanthara and Director Vignesh Shivan Tied knot on the 9th of June in a private dreamy wedding at Mahabalipuram in Tamilnadu. The very next Day Nayanthara along with their Husband visited Tirumala.

Nayanthara Lands in Controversy the next day after Marriage
Nayanthara Lands in Controversy the next day after Marriage

Now her Tirumala Visit has landed the actress in a fresh controversy. The actress was spotted wearing footwear the near Tirumala Temple premises. As footwear is completely banned nearby shrine’s of Tirumala Temple.

Was seen Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan posed for cameras and photographers were seen wearing footwear. While the photos from their Tirupati darshan are surfacing widely on the internet, Nayanthara found herself in the middle of fresh controversy among common people and devotes herself to questioning temple authorities regarding the issue.

“How can walk around in the shrine’s premises of Tirumala Temple without taking out footwear.” People questioning the authorities.

Narasimha Kishore, Chief Vigilance Security Officer at TTD responded to the issue and said the actress was seen walking on footwear in Mada Streets which holds high regional significance, and also added that the couple violated another rule by bringing along their photographers, as Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanam does not permit private cameras.

Kishore’s statement reads “She (Nayanatara) was seen roaming with footwear in Mada Streets. Our security immediately reacted. We have also noticed on CCTV that they did a photoshoot there,”  

“We are serving notices to Nayanatara. We have also spoken to her and she wanted to release a video to the press apologizing to Lord Balaji, TTD, and pilgrims. However, we are going to serve notices to her.” Kishore further added.

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