Nani shows off his ‘HIT 3’ look

Adivi Sesh’s recent release, the crime thriller movie HIT-2 the second case was released all over the world on 2nd December. The movie has been getting positive reviews and seems like it is going to become a successful movie.

HIT 2 is the sequel of HIT- the first case movie featured Vishwak Sen, written and directed by Sailesh Kolanu. As per the reports, at the time of the Promotions of HIT 2, actor Nani revealed that HIT 3 and 4 will have Adivi Sesh as the main lead actor of the movie. While, in the first case, Vishwak Sen was featured but now Adivi Sesh will replace him in all the upcoming sequences. 

Nani shows off his ‘HIT 3’ look
Nani shows off his ‘HIT 3’ look

According to the reports, it is said that the director Sailesh Kolanu has plans to release 7 parts of the HIT series. HIT 2 is based on a crime thriller and the storyline is based on the challenge SP Krishna. His main focus is to catch the serial killer who is killing the female workers of women’s welfare organizations with a big agenda. 

At the murder site, KD finds that the victim is not entirely Sanjana but many other women. He is threatening personally when the killer kidnaps his partner Aarya and KD is unable to catch him. The killer accused Raghavudu who already dies by suicide, the movie is tightly packed with amazing satisfactory performances with a thrilling story.

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