Nails, Hair, and Lips: What Do They Reveal About Your Health

Health: Nails, hair, and lips are organs of our bodies that show early visible signs of changes that happen in our bodies indicating any possible chances of suffering. A club nail around your lips or brittle hair are some of the warning signs that you should not neglect as they are trying to tell you that something is wrong with your body.

Nails, Hair, and Lips Reveal About Your Health
Nails, Hair, and Lips Reveal About Your Health

But that doesn’t mean that you should freak out if you lose some hair or get a cold sore. These indications are just a signal that you need some medical help or proper care. In this article, we are going to list out some common signals your nails, lips, and hair might be revealing about your body.

Nails, Hair, and Lips Reveal About Your Health


nails health indicators - signals
nails health indicators – signals

Nails should be generally both uniform half moon shape and a little pinkish. This is an indication of having healthy nails. Now, let us look at what kind of nails are trying to indicate to us. 

  • Clubbing nails are an indication of having lung diseases like cystic fibrosis and Cancer. 
  • Pits in nails are an indication of having Psoriasis, a skin disease with itchy patches around your body. 
  • Multiple red lines under the nails are an indication of having problems with your heart valves. 
  • Ridged nails are an indication of Anemia that is caused due to iron deficiency. 
  • Bluish nail is an indication of a deficiency of oxygen in the body. 


Hair health indicators - signals
Hair health indicators – signals

Having hair loss is normal for anyone. Bath sudden hair loss in abnormal amounts, graying, thinning are not good signs indicating that your body is not healthy. Here we are living out some of the most common signals that your hair is trying to tell about your health you should not ignore.

  • Excessive hair loss is due to protein deficiency in your body. 
  • Hair shedding indicates high estrogen levels and a lack of adequate iron in your body. 
  • Hair thinning indicates thyroid disorder in your body. 
  • Brittle hair indicates a disorder of your adrenal gland (located on top of your kidneys). 
  • Graying of hair is due to too much stress and pressure. 


Lips health indicators - Signals
Lips health indicators – Signals

Let us look at some of the most common health signals that your lips are trying to indicate to you.

  • Dry lips indicate dehydration or lack of zinc in your body. 
  • Lip cracking at the edges is due to the yeast infection. 
  • Lip discoloration is an indication of liver disease. 
  • Paleness is due to a lack of vitamin D. 
  • Cold sores are due to viral infection. 

However, all the above indications don’t necessarily mean that you have a disease. Do not freak out if you just lose some hair or get dry lips. Instead, take some care of yourself. For example, if you have dry lips, drink enough water and if you are losing hair, try to manage your stress and anxiety levels. If you are not able to manage the conditions, try to seek some medical advice to improve your condition.

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