Nagalapuram Waterfalls in Chittoor – The Best Trek Spot Near Chennai!

All you Need to Know about Nagalapuram Waterfalls

Nagalapuram is a hill station located in Tirupati district in Andhra Pradesh and is around 90km from Chennai. Nagalapuram, the temple town was built by Raja Sri Krishna Devaraya at the time of the Vijayanagara Empire in the memory of his mother Nagamamba Devi. Before this village was known as Harigandapuram. But it was later changed to Nagalapuram.

Nagalapuram Waterfalls in Chittoor

 Nagalapuram village is the home to many waterfalls and is popularly known for its scenic environment attracting many tourists. To reach the waterfalls, one has to trek into the forest in the Eastern Ghats. Throughout the trekking, you can experience the scenic atmosphere and gushing sounds of small streams along the route.

Through the trekking route, which is about 4 km long, one can have a view of three waterfalls. As the Nagalapuram waterfalls are near Chennai, many people come here to visit the beautiful waterfalls. 

Trekking from the west side of the hill station is an easy route when compared to the East. So most of the trackers take the west route to reach various waterfalls in between. 

Nagalapuram Trek is one of the most popular treks in and around Chennai that can provide you lifelong although camping in the jungle is not allowed, some people do camping in the jungles at their own risk.

Nagalapuram Trek
Nagalapuram Trek

There are three major waterfalls in Nagalapuram and some say there are five. You can find all these waterfalls by tracking through the jungles. Its waterfall is around 20 to 25 minutes of walkable distance from another. The time to reach every waterfall depends upon your speed. 

Things to carry while visiting Nagalapuram waterfalls

  • If you are planning to have a dip in the water pool, then it is better advisable to carry a pair of dresses.
  • Pack some snacks or lunch and a water bottle with you. Because you cannot find any stalls or shops across the way.
  • If you would like to stay for a night, things like tents, firewood, etc should be carried.
  • There are parking spots for your vehicles at the beginning of the waterfalls. The departing cost is around 100 rupees for a car and 50 rupees for a bike.

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First Waterfall

You will reach the first waterfall after you walk for around 3 km. The first waterfall has one of the biggest pools when compared with the others. The depth of the water may vary from 4 to 5 feet and even 10 feet deep in the middle of the pool.

Second Waterfall

You will get to a waterfall after trekking for around 20 km from the first waterfall. The depth of the water in this pool is less than that compared to the first waterfall. The depth can be even up to 10 to 15 feet in the middle of the pool. So it is always advisable to be careful while swimming in the pool. 

Third Waterfall

You will again reach the 3rd waterfall after trekking around 20 minutes from the second waterfall. This waterfall has the biggest pool of all the Nagalapuram waterfalls. The water in this pool can be as deep as 40 feet. 

This pool can surely excite you if you are a big-time swimmer. You can have various fun activities alongside the pool with your friends. From here you have to trek back again to the parking area to get back. 

Important things to remember while visiting Nagalapuram waterfalls

  • You have to trek through the stones and forest to reach the waterfalls. Always be careful while trekking.
  • Always walk alongside the water resource as it is the indication to reach the waterfalls. 
  • There might be a chance of you getting lost in the path of reaching the waterfalls. Always follow the footsteps of the previous trekkers.
  • There are yellow arrows painted on the rocks indicating the right direction to the waterfalls. Follow these to reach the waterfalls in the shortest period.

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