Must know the Most Dangerous Border – Breathtaking World Borders

1. Sweden and Norway border– The Swedish–Norwegian border is a 1630km long border, as It includes most of the Swedish towns and municipalities of Gällivare and Kiruna. The region is populated, with 70 000 people living within an area of 42 000 square km mountainous terrain separates the Norwegian and Swedish parts of the region from each other. The only cross-border connections are a road and a railway line, the Iron Ore Line.

2. Argentina and Brazil Border– These three nations all connect at a point known as the Triple Frontier. The Argentina and Brazil border is the borderline that limits the territories of Argentina and Brazil. The borderline is approximately 1,224 km long by rivers and only 24 km by land. It is the confluence of Paraná and Iguaçu rivers, passes through the Iguaçu Falls, and follows the thalweg of that river to the mouth of Santo Antônio River, then running upstream the course of this river to its source.

Argentina and Brazil Border

3. Estonia and Russia Border- The Estonia and Russia border is the international border between the Republic of Estonia, EU and NATO members, and the Russian Federation, CIS member. The border is 294 kilometers long which emerged during World War I. In 1918, Estonia declared its independence from the Russian and German Empires. In 1991, Estonia regains its independence and the administrative boundary became the de facto international border between the country Estonia and Russia. In this given picture, the left is Russia and the right is Estonia.

Estonia and Russia Border

4. Poland and Slovakia Border– The border is the international border between Poland and Slovakia and have been existed since 1 January 1993. Before the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, its eastern border with Poland was identical to the present-day border between Poland and Slovakia. The length of the Poland and Slovakia border is 541 kilometers.

Poland and Slovakia Border

5. Brazil and Uruguay Border– Brazil and Uruguay border is a fine strip of land situated the south of the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. It spreads over 985 km from the triple border Brazil-Argentina and Uruguay west to the mouth of Arroyo Chuí, and the southernmost point in Brazil. However, the western part of the border is marked by the Quarai River, which is a tributary of the Uruguay river and the coxilhas of Santana. At the eastern border, it is marked by the Jaguarao river that passes through into the Lagoa Mirim. The southern border runs to the Chui.

Brazil and Uruguay Border

6. Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand Border– Laos and Myanmar border is the international border between the territory of Laos and Myanmar. The border is 238 km long and runs entirely along the Mekong river from the tripoint with China in the north to the tripoint with Thailand in the south. The border starts from the north at the tripoint with China at the junction of the Nanla river with the Mekong, and then go towards in a south-westerly direction down to the tripoint with Thailand at the junction with the Kok River, then for an eastward of the Mekong about halfway along the frontier.

Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand Border

7. Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay Border– The border is called the Triple Frontier border which is a tri-border area along the junction of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, where the Iguazú and Paraná rivers meet. Near the junction, there are the cities of Puerto Iguazú, or Argentina, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, and Ciudad del Este, or called Paraguay. This area is near to the Iguazú Falls. The Triple Frontier border is an important tourist area now, within the touristic Región de las Aguas Grandes. The Visitors can see the Tancredo Neves bridge, which connects all three countries, Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay Border

8. Austria and Germany Border– The Austria and Germany border share a length of 815.9 km or 815.0 km in the south of Germany and the north of Austria in central Europe. It is the longest border of both of the countries Austria and Germany with another country. The border runs from east to west. The eastern point is located at the tripoint border of Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, which is near the village of Schwarzenberg, am Böhmerwald. The western point is located at the border of the tripoint of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, in Lake allegiance. However, The border is 815 kilometers long, but a straight line between the endpoints that is almost 345 kilometers long

Austria and Germany Border

9. Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands Border– The Three-Border Region called Drielandenpunt in Vaals is the place where Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands meet. The border measures a height of 323 m and is also the highest point in the Netherlands. The Three-Border Region is not just an important symbolic and geographical representation sit but it also offers various opportunities for fun and enjoyment. The mountains where the border lies, have also become a popular destination for trips. Viewing a stunning tower at the peak gives a free and stunning view over 3 countries namely, Belgium, Germany, and Holland. However, the Top 10 highest mountains in Holland are situated in the border province of Limburg (the border name).

Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands Border

10. Argentina and Chile Border– The Argentina & Chile border is the longest international border of South America and the third longest in the world after the Canada–United States border and the Kazakhstan and Russia border. The border shares a length of 5,308 kilometers, it separates Argentina from Chile with the Andes and with the islands of Tierra del Fuego. However, there is some border, around the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Moreover, this is the largest border of the two countries, crossing Argentina–Paraguay and Chile–Bolivia behind, Argentina’s and Chile’s second largest borders.

Argentina and Chile Border

11. Guatemala and Mexico Border– Guatemala and Mexico border is the international border between Guatemala and Mexico. The border measures the distance of 871 km and runs between north and west Guatemala and the Mexican states of Tabasco, Campeche, and Chiapas. The border includes the river called the Salinas River, the Usumacinta River, and the Suchiate River. However, the border represents most of the western and northern boundary of the region of Central America in the North America.

Guatemala and Mexico Border

12. Egypt and Saudi Arabia Border– according to the data, In 2016, Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement on their maritime boundary between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea to protect their islands. The Agreement resolves a historic dispute over the Tiran and Sanafir Islands, which were left in the territory of Saudi Arabia. The boundary follows an equidistance line from the tripoint with the country Jordan.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia Border

13. Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia Border– the border shares a length of 677km, however, the border between Hungary and Slovakia starts from the west direction at the tripoint that was formed by the Hungarian, Austrian, and Slovak borders. The border is constructed by the river Danube for almost 150 km. The border in the east, with the river Tisza, at the crossing of the Slovak, Hungarian, and Ukrainian borders. The border is established in June 1920.

Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia Border

14. Kenya and Tanzania Border– the border of Kenya and Tanzania was built in the 19th century when the division of the colonies of German East Africa and British East Africa happened. It starts in Lake Victoria at the tripoint with Uganda and shares 777 kilometers following a straight line, to the Indian Ocean coast. The boundary was determined the limits of colonial powers, Kenya, and Tanzania and they again worked on re-demarcation of the border.

Kenya and Tanzania Border

15. China and Vietnam Border– this border has a long history, The China–Vietnam border is the international boundary between China and Vietnam, which shares a length of 1,297 km terrestrial border extends from the tripoint with Laos in the west to the Gulf of Tonkin coast in the east, and a maritime border in the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea. The terrestrial border starts in the west at the China-Laos-Vietnam tripoint at the Shiceng Dashan peak. Then in the eastward direction, albeit in an irregular zig-zag pattern, that is predominantly through isolated mountainous areas inhabited by ethnic minoritie.

China and Vietnam Border

16. Spain and Portugal Border– Portugal and Spain border, also called The Stripe. This border is one of the oldest borders in the world. The current structure is almost the same as what was defined in 1297 by the Treaty of Alcañices. The Portugal and Spain border shares a boundary line of almost 1,214 km long, and is the longest uninterrupted border within the European Union, being free of border control since March 26, 1995. However, the border is not defined for 18 km between the Caia River and Ribeira de Cuncos, because of the disputed status of Olivenza, which has been disputed between the two countries for over 200 years.

Spain and Portugal Border

17. Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Border– Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are the two opposite States towards the southern end of the Persian or Arabian Gulf. The maritime boundary between the countries, which was the first to delimit a continental shelf boundary in the Gulf, was established in the year 1958. The border between them follows an equidistance line and the eastern limit of a Saudi Arabian oil field.

Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Border

18. France and Germany Border– the border of France and Germany share a boundary line of 450km. the border has the upper Rhine from the tripoint and passes between Strasbourg and Offenburg. The Rhine forms the eastern border of Alsace on the French side and the western border of Baden Wurttemberg on the German side.

France and Germany Border

19. Belgium and the Netherlands Border– The Belgium and Netherlands border shares a boundary of 450km which separates Belgium and the Netherlands from each other. Belgium and the Netherlands both are part of the Schengen Area, which means there are no border controls at this border, however, the controls between Belgium and the Netherlands had been removed before the Schengen Treaty was signed.

Belgium and the Netherlands Border

20. Belize and Guatemala Border– Belize and Guatemala shares the boundary since19th century. The border is an almost straight line of 266 km, close to the 89th meridian west, which separates the west of Belize’s territory from Guatemala’s. Guatemala’s claims to Belizean territory that have varied over time. As of now, presently, Guatemala seems to map all of Belize as disputed territory.

Belize and Guatemala Border

21. Czech, Germany, and Poland Border– Germany and Poland, the state border between Poland and Germany, is currently called the Oder–Neisse line. It has a total length of 467 km which has existed since 1945, then it expanded from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Czech Republic in the south. The Czech–German–Polish border called the Tri-Nation Point is on the confluence of the Lužická Nisa River and the Oldřichovský Brook. However, the state borders go through the center of both the river and the brook. It is less than 2 km from the Hrádek nad Nisou town center, and not very far from the German town Zittau.

Czech, Germany, and Poland Border

22. Germany and Poland Border– The Germany and Poland border started the beginnings of the Polish state, with the Oder and Lusatian Neisse rivers known as the Oder–Neisse line, which is one of the earliest natural boundaries between Germany and the Slavic tribes. After Poland got its independence during World War I and after 123 years of partitions, a long German-Polish border was settled which is 1,912 km long.

Germany and Poland Border

23. Macau and China Border– China and Macau shares a boundary line of Chi Ma Gate 675 km, Boundary of Rissing (Luna) & Rising (Bangar) 936 km, Santo Niño  1065 km, 2020m  1083 km, Paroba’s Endpoint 1087 km, CHINA-VIETNAM-LAOS TRIPOINT 1174 km, Indo – Myanmar Border  2102 km, and RUS-MN borderline 3029 km.

Macau and China Border

24. Canada and the U.S. Border– The longest international border between Canada and the United States in the world. The terrestrial boundary is approximately 8,891 km long. Although, the land border has two sections, Canada’s border with the adjoining United States to its south, and the U.S. state of Alaska to its west. Moreover, the bi-national International Boundary Commission deals only with matters relating to marking and maintaining the boundary line, and the International Joint Commission deals with the issues concerning the boundary waters.

Canada and the U.S. Border

25. Finland, Norway, and Sweden Border– The border between Norway and Finland is 736 kilometers long. Its border is land and river both between the two tripoints. The western tripoint is marked by Treriksröset, which is a concrete cairn where both countries border Sweden, whereas the eastern tripoint is marked by Treriksrøysa, which is a stone cairn where both countries border is Russia. The border of three-Country Cairn is the point at which the international borders of Sweden, Norway, and Finland meet, and the name of the monument that marks the point.

Finland, Norway, and Sweden Border

26. The Czech Republic and Poland Border– The Czech-Polish border is the interstate border between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Poland. The Czech Republic is one of the 7 countries currently bordering Poland. This condition continues since January 1, 1993, the present border with the Czech Republic was part of the border with Czechoslovakia and has the same route.

The Czech Republic and Poland Border

27. Slovakia and Ukraine Border– The Slovakia and Ukraine border is an internationally established boundary between Slovakia and Ukraine. Both countries take over from their previous respective state organizations, Ukraine from the Soviet Union, and Slovakia from Czechoslovakia. However, the current border was established after World War II and it expanded for 97 km. After the admission of Slovakia to the European Union, the border has become the external border of the European Union.

Slovakia and Ukraine Border

28. Belarus and Russia Border– The Russian and Belarus border is the state border between Russia and Belarus. Before 1991, it was the border between the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. The border exists before also but is not subject to checks or duties due to the Union State treaty and the Eurasian Union. However, the length of the border is 1,239 km including 857.7 km of land, 362.3 km of river, and 19 km of lake. The tripoint border at the triple border junction of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine is marked in the form of a monument, whereas at the other border junction, there is a river, the Western Bug that conflicts with the border of Poland.

Belarus and Russia Border

29. France and Spain Border– The France and Spain border was formally separated in 1659 and it separates the two countries from Hendaye and Irun in the west, going through the Pyrenees to Cerbère and Portbou on the Mediterranean Sea. The border between France and Spain in Portalet d’Aneu in the towns of Llivia (now Girona) and Angoustrine-Villeneuve-des-Escaldes (Pyrénées-Orientales). The border shares a boundary line of 656.3 kilometers between southwestern France and northeastern Spain.

France and Spain Border

30. Sweden and Denmark border– the Sweden and Denmark borders are separated by a maritime border, hence impossible to measure a precise length. The state of Denmark came into being around the year 980 and Sweden gained independence in 1523, and then made the border between the two states. The towns of Sweden and Denmark are linked by the Oresund Bridge which crosses the strait by the same name. However, the bridge length is 7845m.

Sweden and Denmark border

31. France, Germany, and Switzerland Border– the border between France, Germany, and Switzerland is the Dreiländereck a monument in Basel, Switzerland. It is called the tripoint where the borders of France, Germany, and Switzerland meet. Additionally, the meeting point of Germany, France, and Switzerland is in the Rhine River, next to the Swiss town of Basel. The border between Germany and Switzerland shares a boundary line of 362 kilometers following the High Rhine between Lake Constance and Basel. And the border between France and Switzerland border is 572 km long.

France, Germany, and Switzerland Border

32. Moldova and Romania Border– The Republic of Moldova and Romania border is the international border between the Republic of Moldova and Romania which was established after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The boundary is 681.3 kilometers long, including 570 meters along the Danube. It is a part of the external border of the European Union that runs from Criva in the northwest to Giurgiulești in the southeast.

Moldova and Romania Border

33. France and Italy Border– The France and Italy border shares a boundary of 515 km long. It runs from the Alps in the north, which is a region that passes over Mont Blanc, down to the Mediterranean coast in the south. The border separates three regions Piedmont, Aosta Valley, and Liguria, and four provinces of Italy Turin, Aosta, Cuneo, and Imperia from two regions Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and then five departments of France.

France and Italy Border

34. Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine Border– The Polish and Ukrainian border is defined as the state border between Poland and Ukraine. It has a total length of 529 km that expands up to 535 km. however, the border between Slovakia and Ukraine border is an internationally established boundary between Slovakia and Ukraine. The present border was established after World War II and extends for 97 km. After the admission of Slovakia to the European Union, the border has become the external border of the European Union.

Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine Border

35. Italy and Switzerland Border– It is the longest border between the countries, Italy and Switzerland. The border between Switzerland and Italy shares a boundary line of 744 kilometers from the French-Swiss-Italian tripoint at Mont Dolent in the west to the Austrian-Swiss-Italian tripoint near Piz Lad in the east. Most of the border parts run across the High Alps, rising above 4,600 meters as it passes east of Dufourspitze.

Italy and Switzerland Border

36. Australia borders- Australia has the following borders

Australia East Timor border

Australia–Indonesia border
Australia–New Caledonia border

Australia–New Zealand border
Australia–Papua New Guinea border

Australia–Solomon Islands border

Internal borders of Australia‎-

Borders of the Australian Capital Territory‎

Borders of New South Wales‎

Borders of the Northern Territory‎

Borders of Queensland‎

Borders of South Australia‎
Borders of Tasmania‎

Borders of Victoria (Australia)‎Borders of Western Australia‎

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