Mouth foul smell-Tips for bad breath

Tips for bad breath

Do you experience bad breath occasionally or regularly? It can be embarrassing sometimes right if you are outside and talking to someone who experiences bad breath. If you have bad breath, don’t be sad, there are lots of reason behind it and need proper treatment. Well, the bad breath also originates from your mouth where the bacteria are present. Not just the bacteria also originates when you eat something that causes bad breath like onion and garlic. If it causes by bacteria, whenever you are eating the food gets caught in your teeth, and bacteria grow into that food, which means it releases foul-smelling sulfur compounds.

However, the most common reason for bad breath is poor dental hygiene. Meanwhile, if you don’t brush your teeth often the bacteria will grow and spread called plaque. And when the plaque isn’t brushed twice per day it produces bad breath and causes tooth decay. So, here in this article, I would like to share some advice and tips that might help you in reducing your bad breath.

Some tips for bad breath, some home remedies-

  1. Good dental hygiene- to reduce bad breath you need to maintain your proper oral hygiene because poor dental hygiene is the most common cause of this smell. You need to brush at least twice a day after food with fluoride toothpaste.

  2. Parsley- Parsley which is commonly known as coriander leaves in India, is a very popular folk remedy for bad breath. Its fresh smell and high chlorophyll content suggest that it can have a deodorizing effect. It is shown that parsley can effectively fight foul sulfur compounds. To use parsley for bad breath, chew the fresh leaves after each meal.

  3. Pineapple juice- Studies have shown that pineapple is also the most effective treatment for bad smells but there is no scientific proof to prove this fact or theory. However, generally, people believe that pineapple juice reduces the foul smell.  To use this, have a glass of pineapple juice right after your meal or chew some pineapple slices. Whereas, many people believe that pineapple juice is the fastest and most effective treatment for foul breath.

  4. Water- research shows that dryness also causes bad breath, and saliva plays a very important role in keeping your mouth clean. However, you might feel dryness while sleeping, you’re your mouth naturally dries out at night time, and as a result, your breathing in the morning is worst. So, one needs to drink water and stay hydrated to avoid foul smells.

  5. Homemade mouthwash with baking soda- studies and research have shown that mouthwash with baking soda can kill mouth bacteria. Toothpaste that contains high concentrations of baking soda can help in reducing bad breath. For making a homemade baking soda mouthwash, you need to add 2 teaspoons of baking soda in 1 cup of warm water. Swirl it in your entire mouth for at least 30 seconds and then spit it out.

So here in this article, I have mentioned 5 home remedies to reduce your mouth’s foul smell or bad breath.

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