Mother’s Day : Best Low-cost Unique Gift Ideas from Daughter

Mother's day gift ideas
Mother’s day gift ideas

Mother’s day gift ideas for daughters to give on mother’s day 

There are many gift ideas to give your mother this mother’s day but in this article, we have listed some of the easy and low-cost ideas that you can present to your mother on this mother’s day.

Why making a homemade gift is better than buying from the store

A lot of people prefer buying a gift from the store because they look nice and elegant. People don’t like to make a gift on their own at home because they end up thinking that homemade gifts might look cheap and unattractive. 

But this is not the case. Your mum will love it if you do it for her as per her taste. She will be very happy because you gifted her. So home homemade gifts are a really good idea to do.

Let us look at some of the homemade gift ideas that you can present to your mother this Mother’s Day.

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DIY Jewelry box

All women like jewelry in general. So you can present a handmade jewelry box to your mother on Mother’s Day.

I am sure that she might have some good jewelry pieces. She would love to store it in the jewelry box if you have made one. She can place them easily on the dressing table and can easily access them.

Customize a dinner plate

You can customize a dinner plate for this Mother’s Day. You can customize it by printing some personal message expressing your love towards your mother or you can just print your mother’s photo or a family photo.

She will love that gift. She will place this safely in the cupboard or use it on special occasions like picnics, holidays, etc.  

Customized pillows 

Like the customized plate, you can also customize a pillow to present to your mother this Mother’s Day.

Again you can customize a pillow cover with your family photo or your mother’s photo or some quotes which spread the message. Try to customize it to match your sofa or the other pillows in the living room.

Customize placemats for your dining table

You can customize pretty-looking placemats for your dining table. Before customizing anything, keep in mind your mother’s taste and try to design according to that.

Dining placemats make your mother’s work very easy while cleaning the dining table. And, it would be very special because you’ve made them and your mother would love them. Try to include your family photos shot on special occasions like picnics or holiday trips, etc.

Making hand molds

Hand molds are another creative way to capture memories. If you have children then you can include the hand molds of their palms or feet and you can gift them to your Mother.

Your mother’s Heart Will melt on seeing her grandchildren’s memories.

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Canva pouches to store makeup items

Again every woman uses some makeup items. I am sure that your mother also has a makeup collection that she uses every day. 

So you can make a creatively customized canvas pouch to store makeup items. It can help her to organize her things. She would love it and will use it daily. 

Personalized keychains

Personalized keychains are a great idea that can help your mum to keep all the keys together in one place.

You can customize the keychain by adding some nice family photos or quotes. You can also make this keychain very colorful and stylish as per your mum’s taste.

Making Canvas photo

Make a stunning Canvas print by including your family’s photos or your mother’s photos. Or, you can add the childhood memories that can pull the beautiful relationship between you and your mother.

Printed ceramic mugs

This is another popular gift option that you can give your mother on Mother’s Day.

You can print a beautiful family photo on the mug. Or, you can also make a print of some quotes or symbols telling your love towards her.

Personalized notepad

Make a DIY hand-crafted notepad. Add a message that tells your love for her and the beautiful bond between you two.

Add a message signifying how you are grateful to her and what is the thing that you like in her the most explaining the beautiful bond between you two.

Take this opportunity to let her know how proud you are of her and how happy that you are to have her in your life.

DIY wall shelf

Make a Wall shelf with wood or plastic material that matches your living room. These can add beauty to your living room and also they are a great option to store plants, books, or keys on those shelves.

To prepare any customized gift there are a lot of tutorials available online and on YouTube. You can simply learn from them and do your customized gift according to your mother’s taste.

DIY jewelry

Using your crafting and designing skills you can design earrings, bracelets, or rings for your mum. Add beautiful beads and stones and use beautiful colors which match her style. 

You can also make thread jewelry. There are a lot of tutorials available online on how to make earrings and bracelets with threads. Use colorful and good-quality Threads to make beautiful designs.

Customized chopping board

Choose a good-quality wooden board and customize your family name on it or a simple quote or a message showcasing your love for your mom. Use beautiful designs to showcase it.

The chopping board is an object that is used in the kitchen daily and it will bring a smile to your mom’s face whenever she reads the message which was handcrafted by you.

Photo album

Make a beautiful album using all your creativity. Include the family photos which were shot on a holiday trip or special occasions. Also include the photos of your childhood. This can bring great memories of your childhood to your mother. 

This is one kind of gift that your mom saves forever in her cupboard and loves it.

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