Most pilgrims visited Padmakshi Temple History and other details

Location of the temple

Padmakshi temple is located at a distance of 3 km from Hanmakonda town and at a distance of 6.5 km from Warangal district. Padmakshi temple is one of the oldest temples present in Hanmakonda, Warangal. The Padmakshi temple is present on the hill Padmakshi Gutta. At the entrance of the temple, one can spot a pillar Annakonda with a splendid quadrangular column made of black granite stone. One can also spot a large Lake surrounding the temple. And, at the foot of the temple, Lord Narasimha Swamy Temple is situated.

The history of the Padmakshi temple dates back to the 12th Century and it was built by the Kakatiya Kings during their reign. The deity worshipped in the temple is the Goddess Padmakshi also referred to as “Amma” (means mother in the local language). Goddess Padmakshi has been the presiding deity and was worshipped in the Kakatiya dynasty for about 900 years. Mythologists say that the Goddess gifted a sword to one of the Kakatiya Kings named Madhava Verma.

Padmakshi Temple

History of Padmakshi Temple

According to historians, the temple was built by Kakatiya Kings. The temple was a Jain temple first ruled by Prolaraju –II and then it was converted into Hindu Temple. The Kakatiya rulers converted from Jainism to Veerasaivism during their rule. The Padmakshi temple used to be one of the leading centers for Jainism in the surrounding areas, called Basadi.
The Kakatiya Kings were well known for building many temples dedicated to the Great Hindu Gods during their era. Some of the famous temples in that region are Thousand Pillar Temple, Ramappa Temple, and Sidheswara Temple.

One of the specialties of the Padmakshi temple is that the devotees can see Goddess Padmakshi in three stages; morning as a little girl, afternoon as a young girl, and evening as an older woman. Apart from worshipping the goddess, the views from the top of the hill are spectacular. Also, in the temple, we can see the rich sculpture statues of Jain Tirthankaras. There is an inner sanctum that faces north in the temple and has many gods and goddesses. The temple also houses Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, and Krishna idols.

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Padmakshi Temple Timings

Padmakshi temple opening timings are from 6 AM to 6 PM every day. Devotees perform Kumkuma Poojas and Special Poojas and Donate Pattu Sarees to the Padmakshi Amma on special occasions and festivals.

Festivals Celebrated at Padmakshi Temple

At the Padmakshi temple, all the Hindu festivals are celebrated every year. To name a few, some of the main celebrations here in the temple are:
Bathukamma Festival is celebrated in a grand manner. Women come here to decorate the Goddess with different flowers and perform Pooja to Padmakshi Amma. Dussehra and Durgashtami are also celebrated in a grand manner. Devotees from all other places in the state come here to visit the temple.

Accommodation at Padmakshi Temple

As the temple is present in Hanmakonda, Warangal, one can find many hotels to stay in. Haritha Hotel provided by the Telangana govt is good with many facilities and amendments for the tourists.

Nearby Attractions

Some other notable tourist places in and around the district are:

• Thousand Pillar Temple
• Bhdrakali Temple
• Warangal Fort
• Ramappa Temple
• Kakatiya Rock Garden
• Sidheswara Temple
• Laknavaram Lake
• Iskcon Warangal
• Eturunagaram Wildlife Sanctuary
• Pakhal Lake

How to Reach Padmakshi Temple

By Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the nearest airport to reach the temple.
By Rail: Warangal and Kazipet Junctions are the two nearest railway stations to the temple.
By Road: The temple is near Warangal and Hyderabad. Telangana State has ample bus facilities.

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