Most Beautiful Waterfalls Near Yellapur That You Shouldn’t Miss!

The Hidden Waterfalls Near Yellapur

Tourism: Yellapur is a small town in the Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka in India. The majority of the population in Yellapur town are farmers and grow paddy and corn as primary crops.

There are many beautiful & famous waterfalls present near Yellapur town. One has to first travel to the yellapur town to reach the waterfalls nearby. Let us look at some of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls that are present near Yellapur.

Sathodi Waterfalls

Sathodi waterfalls are formed from several unnamed streams near Kallaramane Ghat in Uttar Kannada district near Yellapur Karnataka. The sathodi waterfalls are 32 km away from Yellapur village.

Sathodi Waterfalls near Yellapur
Sathodi Waterfalls near Yellapur

Sathodi waterfalls fall from a height of 15 meters and are located on the banks of the Western Ghats that remain active for most of the Year.

The water below the waterfall is not too deep and it is convenient for a short swim. However, it is advisable to be careful if you are with children. Sathodi waterfalls are located in beautiful surroundings making it an ideal spot for picnics with families.

Anshi National Park, Attiveri Bird Sanctuary, and Ulavi caves are some of the interesting places that are located near Sathodi waterfalls. Pataudi waterfalls are 452 km away from Bangalore. Buses are available till yellapur and you can choose a taxi to reach a waterfall.

The road in the first five kilometers from the Yellapur town is moderately good. But the next 5 km road will be a tough one as it’s in a tiny and pathetic condition.

There are a few Homestay options available near the waterfalls. Yellapur town has basic accommodations. But you can have more accommodation options in Dandeli which are 80 km away and Hubali which is 97 km away from the waterfalls.

Magod waterfalls

Magod waterfalls are derived from the Bedti river and are one of the popular waterfall destinations in the Uttar Kannada district. 

Magod waterfalls in Yellapur
Magod waterfalls in Yellapur

The Bedti river streams in two directions and falls from a height of 650 feet into rocky terrain. The beautiful forest, the gushing water, and a beautiful view make it an ideal place for outings and vacations. 

Magod waterfalls are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Magod waterfalls are best visited between July and December. You can visit in the summers too but, the water levels will be minimum. 

Sathodi waterfalls, Banavasi waterfalls, Unchalli waterfalls, and Dandeli are some of the interesting places to visit near Magod waterfalls. Magod waterfalls are 442 km away from Bangalore and taxis are available from Yellapur. 

Shirley waterfalls

Shirley waterfalls or Shirale waterfalls are other beautiful waterfalls located near Yellapur in Uttara Kannada District in Karnataka. Shirley waterfalls are relatively close to yellapur town and are just 15 minutes away. 

Shirley waterfalls near Yellapur
Shirley waterfalls near Yellapur

Shirley waterfalls are hidden inside the Arabali Ghat and are unknown to many travelers. One has to track down a muddy road of two kilometers to reach the Silai waterfalls. Trekking in between the forest and the gushing sound of the water makes it a pleasant experience.

Ganesh Pal waterfalls

Ganesh Pal waterfalls Yellapur
Ganesh Pal waterfalls Yellapur

Ganesh Pal waterfalls are another nearest destination to yellapur town. Ganesh Pal waterfalls are also located between the deciduous forest. The waterfalls are less crowded and the beautiful scenery makes it a pleasant and memorable experience for you and your family on an outing.

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