Mitte Waterfalls – Most Beautiful Tourist Place In Asifabad – Complete Details

Mitte Waterfalls known by different names like Sapthagundala, Saptha Gundalu, Sapthagunfa, or also called the Seven waterfalls is located in Lingapur Mandal, Komaram Bheem Asifabad district, Telangana. 

Mitte Waterfalls - Most Beautiful Tourist Place In Asifabad
Mitte Waterfalls – Most Beautiful Tourist Place In Asifabad

Saptha means seven and Gunda or Gundam means Pit, Jalapatham means waterfalls. Meanwhile, it consists of seven waterfalls, not just one, so named Sapthagundala or Saptha Gundalu. The waterfall is situated 100km far from the Asifabad district and is located between the tall hills on one side and surrounded by dense forest on the other side, which is far from any civilization, far from busy city lives. 

However, these seven waterfalls have been named after Lord Rama, lord Bheema, and Goddess Sita. Even the idol of Bheema was also located at this place. Every year the tribals celebrate two fairs in worship to their deity of Bheema. They also believe that Bheema somewhere went around the place, there is also evidence of foot impressions on the stone slabs of the Bheema.  

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However, the accessibility of the seven waterfalls in Sirpur, two can be classified as the most beautiful spots and are located nearby. These are situated about 20 km from Jainoor Mandal headquarters and can be reached from either Lingapur or Pittaguda villages. In the absence of a road, you can go from the jungle also which has a distance of about 4 km in the forest has to trek. A road and accommodation for tourists at these spots are the major interest of nature lovers.

Kankaigundam is situated near the Kadem river in Bazarhatnoor Mandal. A 3-km walk is inevitable to reach this spot after traveling to Balhanpur in Bazarhatnoor from Ichoda Mandal headquarters.

The Gadadigundam is another famous spot on the Kadem river in Neredigonda Mandal and can be visited from Tarnam village from where it requires a walk of about 4 km to reach the waterfall. These two waterfalls on Kadem river dry up in the summer months so the best time to visit is in the month of monsoon and winter. But some of the water cascades from a short height at most of the seasonal falls, and one waterfall cascades from a height of about 100 ft.

They are located 30 kilometers from Asifabad and kilometers from Hyderabad, the state capital. From Sirpur, towards Lingapur your need to drive for around 7km, before Lingapur village you will get to the village called Pittaguda. This area is also famous for the dense Mangi forests where deforestation has taken place on a short scale.

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