Mettugutta Ramalingeshwara Temple – The Rock Step Temple, Manigiri – History, Significance, How to reach!

The famous temple also known as Rock step Hill, is a famous Hindu temple located in Madikonda and this place is also known as Manigiri. However, there are two temples in Mettugutta one temple is for Lord Shiva and another one is for Lord Sri Ram.

Mettugutta Ramalingeshwara Temple
Mettugutta Ramalingeshwara Temple

The local people of the area call this temple Mettu Rama Lingeshwara Swamy temple. The first Siva temple is constructed during the Kakatiya regime. The temple is situated on a hill and surrounded by rocks, trees, and water, there are many small water streams located within the area, and there is various rock formation near the temple that has very important significance.

There are some shreds of evidence showing that the temple is famous from the Vengi Chalukya period. The king of the Kakatiya Dynasty built a fort in this place and built many temples on this hill in early times including Lord Shiva and Lord Sriram during the time of 1198 AD.

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It is said that here Linga evolved from the ground at a 45-degree angle and is still there. The temple also has a road and has 7 water springs that carry Ganga it is also said that it is connected to the nearest Shiva Keshtra, and it is 100km long to the famous ramappa temple. 

The Legend says that Lord Rama visited this temple with the Goddess Sita when he came to the Bhadrachalam area meanwhile during their exile period they lived in this area. A story says that Bhima also visited this temple and Bhima’s wife Hidimbi played Gacchikayalu with small rocks here, there is evidence of this too. There you can see two columns of those rocks even now. Measuring around 165 ft, one column of the rocks has 5 rocks and the other has 4 rocks. Local people call these rock columns Dhomtalamma gundlu. 

Even the locals say that this is the place where the Hidimba and Bheemasena fell in love during their exile period in the forest. This temple is located in kazipet and was constructed in the 12th century. The temple is accessible by road which connected Hyderabad at the entrance of the city. Even the temple is free to visit for travelers. The temples open every day in the morning from 6 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 7 PM for a regular pooja ceremony.

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