Meet The First Indian Female Detective: Rajani Pandit – Who Has Solved More Than 80,000 Cases

Have you ever heard the name, Sherlock Holmes? The finest detective. Who can be a detective? Mostly, we are living in such a type of society where most of the detectives are generally considered men. But what did you think of females? They can be detectives too, the finest ones. Let’s break the thinking of the people who think that detectives can only be a man. Let’s meet the James bond of the country. You know the life of a detective is just full of adventures, patience, and need smart thinking. 

First Indian Female Detective, Rajani Pandit
First Indian Female Detective, Rajani Pandit

The name of this lady Sherlock Holmes is Rajani Pandit, who has solved more than 80,000 mysteries in her 22 years of career. Do you want to know more about this lady Holmes? Let’s know more about her.

Rajani Pandit, who is also known as Lady James Bond, is the first female detective in the country. She was born in 1962, in thane, Maharashtra. Well, let’s start with her childhood, her father Mr. Shantaram Pandit worked in the Police department in Palghar. She loves reading mysterious books and novels since her childhood and had a huge interest in mysteries. Her father’s career encouraged her to pursue her career in this. 

Rajani Pandit - Lady James Bond
Rajani Pandit – Lady James Bond

She did solved a case during her college days and the case was of her friend. After solving the case Rajani’s friend’s parents suggested pursuing further in this as you are good. That time she realized her true potential and she did all the research on how to become a detective. So then after completing her education Rajani took a step towards her journey of becoming a private investigator. 

So, she opened her company with her parent’s support in 1991. And that time she was just 25 years old. She started her company Rajani Pandit Detective Services at Mahim. At the start, she struggled a lot even though she could not get advertisements in a newspaper, it was so challenging for her. But 20 years later, Rajani’s company had 30 detectives and easily gets 30 cases in a month. 

During an interview in 1998, she shared some of her journey stories. She talked about her most difficult case than others, the toughest ones, where she revealed a maid who works at someone’s home and was suspected to have murdered her husband and son. 

And one day the suspected woman came to visit her (Rajani) and at that time Rajani knew everything, so she cut her foot with a knife and told her that she had to go out and get some bandage. So, Rajani ran to an STD Booth and called the client to come home with the police and they were arrested. 

Maharashtra's First Female Detective Rajani Pandit
Maharashtra’s First Female Detective Rajani Pandit

To encourage people about her life and detective duties she has written two books, face behind and Mayajal and both books won awards. You know, she has also been honored with the Hirkani Award by Doordarshan. Even one documentary was also made to showcase her career journey. 

Even there is a movie also which features her career and her life as an investor. You know she has investigated almost everything, including extramarital affairs, murders, premarital affairs, economic crimes, cybercrimes, bank frauds, corporate espionage, missing individuals, and background checks on political candidates.

Even some reports said that she was also arrested by the authorities in February 2018 in connection with fraud which involved the illegal sale and acquisition of phone data records because her line of work involves scams. She was released on bail after 40 days and later after proven that she was not responsible for any of this and she was relieved from all accusations has been made against her. 

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