Mayuri Haritha Vanam Nursery (Eco Park) Mahbubnagar

Mayuri Nursery, located about 5 kilometers from National Highway 44 at Shankarayapalle, Jadcherla, and 8 kilometers from the Mahbubnagar district, is becoming one of the major tourist spots in the district with first-class amenities like an amphitheatre, swimming pools and a yoga centre.

Mayuri Haritha Vanam Nursery  (Eco Park) Mahbubnagar
Mayuri Haritha Vanam Nursery (Eco Park) Mahbubnagar

Mayuri Central Nursery is an ideal location for developing the eco-tourism project in the district, as this nursery lies on the hilly slopes of the Bontagattu mountain range, valleys, and flat mountain tops dotted with trees that are spread all over the green forest and offer the beautiful views of the nature that lies in between it.

This entire mountain range and the deep green forests are spread over 2,500 hectares from Appanapally to Mammadabad. The first phase of the project has taken 200 hectares for the development work previously in 2016 or 2017, because they are developing the internal roads on the hilly slopes with 12 ft high iron fencing to avoid any trespassing of wild animals in the park region.

Furthermore, earlier they have also planned to build some special tracks for cycling and walkers which will extend the road. Also, the high walls on the side of roads with green creeper over on it with the entry plaza they have constructed on the roads ease the journey. As they are mainly focusing on the basic amenities for the tourists like drinking water, resting areas or shelter, benches for sitting along with the paths, and washrooms being constructed. 

This region has a scenic beauty which attracts more travelers. For viewing the scenic beauty of the park, they have constructed the two pagodas Valley View Point and Hill View Point with railings. Noe the park has various facilities, including playgrounds, gardens, play facilities for children, a yoga center, and a medicinal plantation garden. Apart from these facilities, they are also adding an amphitheater or an open-air theatre), a swimming pool, a volleyball court and a basketball court.

The visiting times of Mayuri Haritha Vanam are 09:30 am to 06:30 pm, except Monday. 

Visiting fee- Adult: Rs: 20/ and Children’s- Rs: 10/- (5 to 12 years)

Camera fee– Digital Camera Fees: 50/- and Special Photo shot Fees: 250/-

ADULTS Adventure Activities Fees- 

Sky Cycling: UP and DOWN 100/- (Total 600 Meters Ride)

ZIP Line: 50/- One Ride

Combo (Tyre Bridge, Net Climbing, Bamboo Bridge)- 50/-

CHILDREN Adventure Activities Fees:

Sky Cycling: UP and DOWN 20/-

ZIP Line: 20/ One Ride

Zorbing Ball: 20/-

Archery & Rifle Shooting– ARCHERY -25/-(5 ARROWS)

RIFLE Shooting -25/- (5 BULLETS)

Rain Forest & Water Fall– Adult: Rs: 100/-

Child: Rs: 50/- (5 to 12 years)

How to reach?

There are three ways to reach the park, by road, by train, and by air.

By road- The park area is near NH-44, the Bangalore highway, which is around 8 Kms from Jadcherla Bus Stop. Anyone can get government bus services from Hyderabad – Mahabubnagar & other places.

By Air- The Nearest Airport to the park is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad.

By train- the tourists can reach the park by train also, they can reach Mahabubnagar Station and from Mahabubnagar station they can take Private Vehicles or taxi or auto to reach the park.

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