Manager Gives Update on Samantha’s Health condition

Rumors have been circulating on social media regarding Samantha health condition. People have been speculating on social media about samantha’s Health issue as there is no update regarding her post Yashoda Movie Release. This gave a chance to rumor mongers spreading false news.

Samantha Manager Gives an Update regarding her Health
Samantha Manager Gives an Update regarding her Health

Viral rumour: Samantha’s condition is critical, moved to another country

Reportedly, Samantha is suffering from a rare disease called myositis for quite some time. She is been treating and is in her recovery phase but according to some reports, it is believed that her condition is critical and she has been shifted to South Korea for better treatment. 

Earlier Samantha announced officially her health condition and updated, that she is suffering from a muscle problem called myositis. And I guess due to this some rumors about her health condition went viral on social media. But her team addressed these rumors and said that Samantha is fine, and this news about her health was just a rumor. 

Samantha went to America for her treatment of myositis, and she was treated there. Then she continued her treatment in India. but it is a rare disease can it could not be cured with English medicines, so the rumors made that Samantha went to South Korea for further treatment and she turned to Ayurvedic medicines and treatment there.

But recently, the media and social media once again reported about Samantha’s health condition had worsened and she moved to South Korea for treatment. And this time her health condition is critical.

Samantha Manager Gives an Update regarding her Health

Sam’s manager and family reported that she is quite healthy and asked people not to spread such false news. While her health is stable according to them

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