Mallela Theertham Waterfalls – Location & Modes of Transport, How to reach!

Mallela Theertham Waterfalls in Nagarkurnool District Telangana

Telangana: Mallela Theertham waterfall is located in a valley nestling at the Nallamala forest range. The waterfall falls from a great height making its path-breaking free from the thick, dense forest. The height of the waterfall is 150 feet and, an amazing site that catches the attention of its visitors.

Mallela theertham Waterfalls
Mallela theertham Waterfalls

The flow of water is more during the monsoon season. Although the flow of the waterfall gets narrow during the summer, the place looks beautiful throughout the year because of the lush green Nallamala forest. The water originates from a small stream in the Nallamala forest and later combines with the Mighty Krishna river.

Nallamala forest is the largest undistributed deciduous forest in South India. Mallela Theertham, present amid the Nallamala forest is located approximately 190 km from Hyderabad. 

Things to DO a Mallela Theertham:

You can reach the holy city of Srisailam after crossing Mallela Theertham. Mallela Theertham is a must-visit place for adventure seekers as it is an excellent host for river rafting, river crossing, trekking, sliding, and a campfire.

Nearby Tourist Place to Visit

Srisailam is a well-known pilgrimage town located at a distance of 58 kilometers from Hyderabad. Mallela Theertham is an exquisite waterfall situated close to Srisailam amid the forest. You can experience a crowd-free, pollution-free holiday and overall a peaceful feeling at the Mallela Theertham waterfalls.

One has to take 350 steps down to reach this waterfall present in the middle of the dense forest. You will enjoy the lush greenery of the forest and the fresh air on your way. 

It’s advisable to carry your water bottles as you may not find any shops along the way. It is a must-visit waterfall for people who are interested in adventure and who want to experience the wildlife and nature.

Modes of transport to mallela theertham

Mallela Theertham waterfall is located around 185 km away from Hyderabad and is close to Srisailam Dam. Tourists have to reach Vatvarlapally village located on the highway which is about 30 km far from the Mannanur forest checkpoint. After you reach the village you have to take the left turn and drive about 8 km to reach Mallela Theertham.

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