Lots of People Have Mysteriously Disappeared in Bermuda Triangle

Who doesn’t like conspiracies and controversies, be the social or science? Everyone gets curious when they get to know about aliens, unsolved mysteries, remote islands, and unexplored places. You might have heard many controversies such as the flat earth, the face on mars, etc. In this article, I will talk about one such conspiracy theory, “Mysterious Alaska’s Bermuda triangle. But sooner or later, scientists solved the mystery behind it, or did they? But nonetheless, what matters is why we anyways have this as a mystery and how it originated. so, let’s figure that out in this article and dig deep into the mystery to see what has actually happened.

Remember watching the shows about this topic on television where experts and eyewitnesses together used to discuss and try to solve it, ah? This is the area with conspiracies of bigfoot, alien abduction and what not is no less mysterious than Bermuda’s triangle but it’s located on a hike with more mountains that makes the place even more interesting.

The mystery started somewhere around 1972 when a small private airplane carrying US majority leader Hale Boggs disappeared out of nowhere somewhere between Juneau and anchorage and that lead to one of the nation’s largest ever search and rescue missions followed by a serious search over several months with nearly 100 crafts over 32,000 million sq. miles. After such an intense search, what did they find? Nothing!

Bermuda Triangle

It is popularly known as the Alaska triangle, which is a range of mountains of vast lush green dense forests, and craggy mountain peaks, alpine lakes, which connects Anchorage and Juneau situated in the south of Utqiagvik. Thousands of people, air crafts started going missing at this triangle, whenever something goes over that area without a single piece of evidence even though not a single body has ever been found till now.

The count is 16,000 people as of now even more than that including airplane passengers and hikers, locals, and tourists have disappeared without a single piece of evidence since 1988. People are getting lost in mountains, that is something happening around it, but don’t know exactly. But, some theories and speculation raised about this mystery over disappearing thousands of people.

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Some theories have abounded about the nature of the Bermuda Triangle and people postulated everything from unusually heavy air and sudden change in weather patterns to alien involvement and energy lasers from the lost city of Atlantis. Many have speculated the same reasons for the disappearances within the Alaska Triangle. But there is some scientific explanation for this, meanwhile, the most accepted explanation is its geography. The state’s massive glaciers are widespread with giant holes, hidden caves, and building-sized crevasses. All these things provide the perfect burying grounds for any downed aircraft. Once an aircraft crash-lands or a hiker becomes stranded, the fast-moving, year-round falling snow squalls can easily bury the trace of a person or an airplane over it. Once that plane or person is buried by fresh snow, the expectation of finding them is nearly zero.

Alaska is so huge it equals two Texas cities fit into it. And there are extreme snowfalls and snow storms throughout the whole year. Let me tell you another interesting fact about Alaska is that, the statistics show that the state has a high number of missing people cases, Alaska has twice the national average of missing person cases than the rest of the country, which is shocking. As per the records, it was reported in 2007 that Alaska State Troopers responded to 42 hiker rescues where the hikers were reported missing, along with the 85 missing boater reports along with 100 snow machine operators.

Till now very few people have been found and among them who have been found or recovered are usually the result of falling into Alaska’s extreme conditions. Accidental deaths are the third-highest cause in the state and whether it’s by getting stranded while on a hike, falling off a cliff or mountain, or drowning in frigid water can be found.

According to the data, In the year 1950, a military aircraft carrying 44 people suddenly disappeared, which led to the thinking if the climate had anything to do with the disappearance at all. A similar case again happened in 1990, an aircraft carrying 340 passengers also suddenly disappeared. No traces of aircraft and people have ever been found. In 1947, a British South American Airways plane crashed in the Alaskan wilderness and the leftover pieces weren’t found until more than 50 years later. And later after 50 years when it was found then it was determined that the plane had actually crashed into a vertical glacier and upon hitting the ground, caused an avalanche that buried the aircraft in just one minute.

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