Lord Ram Temple on Govinda Rajula Gutta Hill, Warangal

Well, India is famous for its tradition and culture meanwhile, India is also famous for its religions globally. Pilgrims traveled from so far to come to India to visit the holy place which is well-known in the world. One of the oldest religions in the world is Hinduism, and in India, there are many religious holy places for the practitioners of the Hindu faith.

Govinda Rajula Gutta Temple
Govinda Rajula Gutta Temple

Similarly, one of the famous tourist attractions is Govinda Rajula Gutta, a holy temple dedicated to Lord Rama at the top of the hill. However, the temple named after the Lord Rama’s biggest and most prominent devotee and Lord Hanuman is located inside it. 

If we talk about the temple, it is situated on the top of the hill and there are hundreds or thousands of steps to reach the top of the till and the steps and roads are risky. Well, at the time of the Rama Navami occasion, the Govinda Rajula Gutta temple becomes the most popular period and groups of devotees can be seen in this temple or area. 

Also, in the temple, there is a huge chariot made of precious materials on the top of the hill, and it is believed that this chariot has been built by the Hazaris of Warangal. Govinda Rajula Gutta is a holy place and one of the most popular tourist attractions as it is a temple situated at the top of the hillock and dedicated to Lord Rama.

Furthermore, if we look into the history of this temple, then Govinda Rajula Gutta is a historical place in Warangal, Telangana. Also, this is the holy place for Hindus the practitioners of the Hindu faith. Historically, the legend says, Lord Srinivasa at Tirupati was tired of granting or fulfilling the wishes of his devotees and then came to rest in this cave. He appeared in the dream of Rudrama Devi and revealed his presence on the hill. 

Rudrama Devi had sent some people and they discovered the main idol of Shri Govindaraja Swamy and also of Lord Krishna. Then a temple was built on the top of the hillock where swayambu resides between two huge rocks with the posture of sleeping and watching. And since then, all the Vishnu festivals were celebrating at this temple. 

The place is located at, 10-3-95, Girmajipet Rd, Girmajipet, Warangal, Telangana, and free to visit, there is no entry fee.

If you are looking for the best Time to Visit This place is best to be visited in the course of the winter season.

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