List of hydrating drinks besides Water

List of hydrating drinks besides Water

In this heating summer, it is important to keep yourself hydrated not just to satisfy your thirst but you have to keep yourself energetic throughout the day. But there is just not water to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated. Other summer drinks can hydrate you and keep your stomach clean and calm. These hydrating drinks supply a lot of electrolytes, vitamins, probiotics, sodium, and minerals along with different types of flavors.

  1. Lemon Water- after coming from outside, you need cold lemon water or one glass of Nimbu Pani is probably one of the most hydrating drinks. At least you should have 1 or 2 glasses of lemon water per day to keep yourself hydrated with the pinch of rock salt. It will fulfill the requirement of a regular dose of vitamin C.
  2. Milk- you might not like Milk but it is a better drink to keep you away from dehydration. As milk contains a natural blend of carbs, sodium, and protein that helps your body to gain fluids.
  3. Coconut Water- the most common drink, and undoubtedly the best hydrating drink besides water. It is low in calories and rich in potassium and is known to provide better hydrating qualities than water. This coconut water keeps you away from the stomach heating and keeps it calm, it is very good for regaining energy levels and makes it a healthier drink.
  4. Cucumber Juice- cucumber juice contains 90% of water and is one of the most hydrated vegetables and juice if you consume it. This vegetable has natural sugar present in it and it also contains lots of electrolytes and even you can go for beetroot juice for hydration.
  5. Aloe Water or Aloe Vera Juice- as we know aloe Veera is proven to be good for health. It is highly rich in antioxidants and has some powerful regenerative properties. It helps in detoxifying your gut and offers many health benefits such as glowing skin. 
  6. Fruit-Infused Water- fruit juices are some of the hydrating drinks that we generally considered for drinking in heating summer, it will provide relaxation to your quench gut and release the heat of your stomach.
  7. Chia Water- I guess you may not have heard about Chai seeds, but this is one of the best options to hydrate yourself. You just need to soak them in water and drink up. As it can absorb 10 times its weight in water and swell within a few minutes. Even the Sabja and Basil seeds work in the same way and can be consumed as hydrating drinking water to beat the summer heat.

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