List of 6 Popular Companies Elon Musk Owns

List of 6 Popular Companies Elon Musk Owns
List of 6 Popular Companies Elon Musk Owns

Elon Musk is one popular business man wo has been always in news for the last few years or so. Whether it may be regarding Tesla cars, Space Research programs, or internet services acquiring new companies the world most wealthiest man is alway at the limelight of things. Whatever Elon Musk does, he grabs a lot of attention. Recently Elon Musk acquired the Social Networking platform Twitter for about $44 billion. Elon Musk is very popular for his work in the field of electric vehicles and space travel. However, his investments in other firms also take the centre stage. You might hear about Tesla and SpaceX but do you know Elon Musk owns these 6 companies.

Check out the list of 6 popular companies Elon Musk owns:


Founded by Elon Musk Tesla is the leading EV, car maker. Elon Musk founded Tesla cars founded back in the year 2003 which is the most valued automotive company in the world. This Texas-based company along with electric cars but also manufactures Solar panels, Solar Roof tiles, and other clean & renewable energy-based products.  


Elon Musk’s interest in Space exploration made him start SpaceX. SpaceX company focuses on designing and manufacturing the world’s most advanced rockets. SpaceX founded in the year 2002 has achieved several milestones in space transportation and is now offering the fastest internet services with the Starlink brand.


Neurotechnology-based company neural links corporation is formed and co-founded by Elon Musk in the year 2016. Neuralink corporation works on creating implantable brain-machine interfaces and works to build devices to help people suffering from paralysis and other similar kinds of health issues.

The Boring Company

Founded by Elon Musk the Boring Company is an infrastructure and tunnel Construction Company. The company believes in a large network of tunnels that will help to fix congestion in major cities. The company aims to increase tunnelling speed with reduced Costs.


OpenAI a no-profit organization aims to develop AI tools. OpenAI is artificial intelligence & development company with a motto to develop AI tools. Though initially part of the OpenAI board till 2018, Elon musk left the position to avoid any future conflicts with his role as CEO of Tesla.


Last but not least In this list Twitter Inc. Elon Musk recently bought Twitter Inc microblogging company for the whomping amount of $44 billion to make it a free speech platform.

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