Lakaram Lake, Khammam – Complete Details

Lakaram Lake is situated in the Khammam District in Telangana. It is one of the major tourist attractions and a perfect weekend holiday spot or destination. The place is surrounded by lush green trees and plants, and Lakaram Lake offers scenic views of the beauties of nature, especially for nature lovers. 

Lakaram Lake, Khammam - Complete Details
Lakaram Lake, Khammam – Complete Details

Additionally, a piece of important information is that this lake is spread across a 100-acre area and a massive lake that was constructed during the Kakatiya dynasty period to fulfill the need for water in the city is called the Lakaram lake, it is named after lakshma Reddy who built this lake.

In previous days, almost 15 years ago, it was a lake with waste trees and but now it has developed into a beautiful park named Lakaram Lake. View of the lake has offered you a lush green park with nature and Boating making the park incredibly amazing, and there were special boats arranged for boating there. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy boating in the calm and serene water of the lake and witness the beautiful natural view.

The Bridge is between the two 80 feet tall towers, the main cables for anchorage and hanging the deck is from a South Korean company. The suspension bridge is 120 meters in length and 1.5 meters in width. There is a boating facility also, which is available from evening 5 pm to 8 pm only. 

Khammam Lakaram Park is an artificial lake that is one of the major attractions for the weekend gateway. Now, most people use Lakaram water for irrigation and also using for drinking purposes. The park is well maintained with greenery and cleanliness to make the lake view look more beautiful.

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Well, Lakaram lake is one of the biggest lakes of all which had been chosen under the most important project of Mission Kakatiya for restoring the lakes in the entire Telangana. Very recently Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar inaugurated the Lakaram Lake Suspension bridge. Lakaram Park is also called as Mini Tank Bund, which looks like the Tank Bund of Hyderabad.

Lakaram park Khammam Lake visiting timings are from Morning 5 am to 8 am and in the evening from 5 pm to 8 pm. There are many basic facilities installed in the park including an open gym, musical fountains, food courts, a walking track, rope cycling, and projectors.

However, the best time to visit the park is to watch the suspension bridge with lights and boating in the evenings, which gives a very relaxed and immense feeling. Although, the best season to visit Lakaram Lake is between March to July and in the winter months from October to February. There are small shopping outlets outside for children and adults to shop for snacks, toys, etc.

The nearest places to visit near Lakaram lake are, Khammam Fort, Sthambadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, Jamalapuram Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Kusumanchi Shivalayam, Swayambhu, Venkateswara Swamy Temple Jeela Cheruvu, and Palair Lake. 

How to reach- 

There are three ways to reach the lake, first is by Air, and the nearest airport is Hyderabad, 220 km from Khammam.

The second way is by Train, the nearest railway station to reach the Lake is Khammam Railway station, with a 3km distance.

The third way is to reach by Road, people can go by bus, car, and auto. 

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