Kodachadri Trek Guide: How To Reach, Highlights, Restaurants & Hotels Nearby!

Kodachadri Trek Guide: How To Reach, Highlights, Food to eat & Accomodation to stay!

Tourism: Most people love trekking, they go and find the most adventurous trek. Our country has so many adventurous treks that will amaze you. Here in this article we will talk and discuss one of those most lovable and beautiful treks, the Kodachadri Trek in Karnataka. It is one of the most spoken trekking spots in Karnataka. It is also one of the natural heritage sites.

Kodachadri Trek Guide
Kodachadri Trek Guide

Kodachadri is located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. This trek offers you an adventure, beautiful landscapes, and an amazing experience that is unforgettable and the memory remains forever in your heart & mind.

The trek takes you through the village, thick and dense forest, and the beautiful waterfall in between, the rolling lush grasslands and hills surrounding the peak. By passing through this all you will also pass through the temple which is believed to be built thousand years ago and have a rich history. You know, this is the place where the famous philosopher, and theologian, Adi Shankara visited and meditated at the peak.

So just like the others, we love it and that is why we have documented some amazing details about this trek that you will find as a guide throughout your whole trek journey.

Travel Options:

The First is, how to reach Kodachadri. There are three alternative ways to reach the destination.

  1. By train– the nearest station is Kundapura Railway Station which is connected to Bangalore, Mangalore, and other major cities of the country. From there one can take a taxi to reach the Kodachadri.

  2. By road– this is one of the best ways to reach Kodachadri. There are some regular buses from Bangalore and some other parts of the state to Kollur and Kodachadri. From these two places, there are bus services to Nittur village. And then From Nittur village visitors can take private vehicles to reach Kodachadri means take a taxi to reach the destination.

  3. By Air- if you want to spend less time traveling, this is a good option. The nearest airport is located in Mangalore. There are several buses and taxis available from Mangalore Airport to Kollur. From Kollur one can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Nittur village.

And then, to reach Kodachadri one should arrive at Kollur town. Kollur is 130 kilometers from Mangalore (nearest airport) and 430 kilometers from Bengaluru. Many private buses operate all through the day between Mangalore and Kollur. Byndoor Mookambika Road train station is 20 kilometers from Kollur.

Major highlights from the trek:

Waterfalls of Hildumane

Waterfalls of Hildumane: Imagine you are on a trek and you get to see not just one or two but a total of seven waterfalls. This is what makes this trek unique and interesting.

Waterfalls of Hildumane - Kodachadri Trek
Waterfalls of Hildumane – Kodachadri Trek

Trekking in the dense Shola forests of Western Ghats: Who doesn’t like to pierce through a dense canopy of trees, here one gets to walk through the dense shola forest of Western Ghats. The wildlife sanctuary of mookabika here offers a stunning view of many types of flora and fauna.

View of Rolling Green Hills – Kodachadri Trek

View of Rolling Green Hills: Kodachadri trek is mainly famous for its lush green rolling hills, which are spread up as far as the eye can see. Situated at a height of 5,733 feet, such vast grasslands with a shola forest is something one must see.

View of Rolling Green Hills - Kodachadri Trek
View of Rolling Green Hills – Kodachadri Trek

Mythology, Legends, and the Temple of Mookambika

Mythology, Legends, and the Temple of Mookambika: Exploring mythology and a bit of ancient taste is something that is purely unique and excites most people. The temple located at the peak of the kodachadri trek is a busy spot for many tourists and pilgrims, it is said that Goddess Mookambika fought and killed the demon Mookasura. This viewpoint is often covered with fog and mist during the early morning and late evening hours.

Mythology, Legends, and the Temple of Mookambika - Kodachadri Trek
Mythology, Legends, and the Temple of Mookambika – Kodachadri Trek

Trail of the trek:

Kodachadri trek can be done via three villages, the trek can be done either from Nittur or Kattinahole or even from the Vallur side. If you are traveling in your car to the base, then start your trek from the village of Kattinahole side. You have the option to join the trail at Hidlumane falls or even take the jeep track to the Kodachadri Top (a less exciting option with a constant movement of jeeps on the mud trail). Trekking via the vallur side is relatively easy through the forest area but the humane waterfalls are something you would miss out on if you choose this route.

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Where you can stay in Kodachadri?

There are various home stays in Kodachadri Hills, some of the few I am listing below.

1. Silver hill farm– if you are looking out the good hospitality, then here is the best chance to have it. This old farm is located on a mini hiking trail among the dense wilderness of the Kodachadri Hills, thus giving the chance to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view.

Location: Bellibetta, Nittur, Sampekatte-Kollur Road, Shimoga, Karnataka.

2. Akshaya Home Stay- the Fog cover all year, and gushing waterfalls, and that dense rainforest makes Kodachadri Akshaya Homestay look like a beautiful set of villas from the British era. The Malnad-themed red brick cottages are a true nature lover’s paradise this is very Simplistic and comfortable.

Location- Akshaya Homestay pathalagere road kattinhole cross, Hosanagar, Karnataka.

3. Kopparige Home Stay- this homestay offers a chance to do night camping in addition to campfire/bonfire, then there is no better alternative than Kopparige Homestay it is very well maintained rooms, large open lawn with a garden, the Homestay is perfect for a private large family vacation.

Location- Beluru Kolaki, Nittur, Karnataka.

4. Kodachadri Pathalagere Homestay– this is one of the rare homestays, that offers guests the chance to enjoy a beautiful family vacation and a luxurious yet comfortable and homely environment.

Location- Pathalagere Homestay, Kodachadri road Kattinahole, Nagara, Hosanagar Taluk, Karnataka

5. Simha Farms- this is one of the most affordable in terms of money, and this is one of the best homestays that you can choose. If you take a Tent then it is for 10 people 600 INR per person if you opt for Dormitory for 16 people 1000 INR per person or go for the Cottage is 3600 INR  for 3 people max, and if choose the Villa then 5000 INR for 4 people max

The food charge is about 750 INR per person which 3 vegetarian meals and 2 snacks per day included.

So, this is all about the kodachadri trek and the information for guidance. You can now plan your trip to the hills which is one of the most beautiful places to spend time with your family and loved ones.

I hope, you like this article. Stay tuned for further updates and information.

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